Alleged Working 4.7″ iPhone 6 Leaks, Reveals New Passbook Icon with Payments [VIDEO]


A new leak out China has revealed what appears to be a working 64GB capacity 4.7-inch iPhone 6 model running iOS 8 (build 12A365). The images come from cnbeta (via MacRumors) who re-posted images uploaded by Weibo user zzray, showing the iPhone 6 model next to the iPhone 5s.

The huge leak here, is the new Passbook icon in iOS 8, which appears to include a new mobile payments stripe added to the top of the icon.

Working iphone 6 5s home 800x600

Here’s a closer look at a cropped image, which shows a new red/orange stripe depicting a card icon for Passbook:

Screenshot 2014 09 06 08 57 01

As for the back of the device, it looks similar to what we’ve seen from other leaks, in particular that protruding camera lens ring:

Working iphone 6 5s back 800x600

86 1410010586 jpg 600x600

Other images of the device uploaded to make it appear less likely to be an Android clone include images of the App Store and the Touch ID prompt for downloading apps:

30 1410008870

63 1410008867

86 1410008871


Another video shown (re-uploaded to YouTube by 9to5Mac) aims to prove this is not an Android fake, as a leaker turns on the iPhone 6 display with the new sleep/wake button on the side, then shows the seamless unlocking of the device using Touch ID:

Apple’s September 9 media event set to unveil iPhone 6 models along with a wearable device can’t come soon enough.




  • Vandsm

    How could jony let this pass with the protruding camera ring?! Steve is probably rolling around in his grave right now.

  • CM

    Correction, that happened with the 5C 😉

  • As much as that looks crazy, it could be camera optics that need to get thinner. But still, if the ring is there it’s going to be shocker.

  • OliChabot

    God I love this screen size ! But I am not a big fan of the hardware design… Too much like an iPod Touch to me. And that protruding lens… 😐 Maybe it’ll grow on me !

  • Stefan

    It is Apple. Let’s be honest; We will by a brick from them.

  • John H

    The clock icon is wrong on the fake. Look how long the hands are on it and compare it to the 5S on the left.

  • GG^77

    Compare all the stuff shown in those videos to previous iPhone 6 leaks shown so far and see the difference for yourself.

  • Good eye. Yeah it looks bunk.

  • OliChabot

    We’re doomed…