First iPhone 6 Line Ups Outside Apple Stores Have Started in Canada [PIC]


Looks like the first iPhone 6 line up has started in Canada. Late Tuesday evening at around 11:30PM, a line started outside Richmond Centre in Richmond, BC (on the No.3 Road side of the mall), with tents, folding chairs and more:

Iphone 6 line up

According to reader @simonsource, over 80 people were in line last night. Are these people eager Apple fans or resellers? According to mall security, the line up was told to disband this morning, but we’re still waiting for confirmation on that.

Here’s another view from this morning via @bertohernandez_, showing these people still lined up as of 8:49AM:

Richmond iphone 6 line up

Let us know if you’ve spotted any people lining up for the iPhone 6 outside an Apple Store in your area!

Update Sept. 18: Line ups have started at the Eaton Centre in Toronto:

Update Sept 18, 8:20PM PDT–Toronto Eaton’s Centre line up (thanks Nabil!):

eatons centre toronto
…and video via Orchard:



  • Kris Meador

    Sadly I’m guessing re-resellers. I may be wrong, but the number of adds I’m seeing of people offering to pay people to line up for these phones is ridiculous this year. Some ads I’ve seen are asking for 10+ people. From what I’ve heard, because of the delayed release in China, people are getting HUGE money selling them to people there. Again, I have no proof and could be wrong, but this is what I’ve been hearing.

  • AEdouard

    At least people can’t buy like 10 phones right? What’s the limit?

  • Max two iPhone models per person.

  • Arcsvibe

    I understand lining up on the launch day but a few days (or week) before makes no sense to me. Like I said before to each his own. It probably will be resellers.

  • AEdouard

    Thx Gary.

  • BLAZER 555

    I’m planning on lining up at 2:00AM at Fairview mall in Toronto, is that too early or too late, anyone ??? this will be my first time to do this, I’m planning on buying the IPHONE 6 Plus 64GB.

  • AEdouard

    Sure it’s early enough. I’ll be lining up at 6 for a store opening at 8. If I don’t get one too bad, but this is as far as I’ll go.

  • Dan Kennedy

    People were lined up this morning outside H&M at Pacific Centre downtown Vancouver.

  • BLAZER 555

    Which store will be going to ?

  • BLAZER 555

    Anyone lining up at Fairview Mall in Toronto ???

  • john

    2 per person, 10 max (if someone bought two and went back to end of line they can get two more and so on until they hit 10.

  • Salinger

    I don’t know about Fairview, but from past observations at the Toronto Eaton Centre, I am sure you would not even need to be there by 8:00am. Of course the caveat is, with theses far larger screens, how much more popular will they be?

    I live close by there and sometimes walk through on my way home in the PATH if the weather’s bad. I’ve made a point of doing that for the past few years on iPhone day just to check out the Apple Store queue and there were always still people in line at 5:30, 6:00pm. Clearly they weren’t there since 8:00am and if iPhones had been sold out, the Apple staff would have told them so.

    Now, whether you’ll get the colour/model you want, who knows? But I think if you get there at 8:00 or just before, you’ll almost be guaranteed to get a phone with a bit of a wait. Just my 2¢ FWIW.

  • AEdouard

    Carrefour Laval, QC.

  • BLAZER 555

    I’m gonna be lining up at 2:00AM not 8. and i just called the Apple Store Eaton Centre, and they told me that there’s already a line up.

  • Chris Zhu

    “Late Wednesday evening”? Don’t you mean tuesday? 🙂

  • Whoops, you’re right. I have no idea what day it is, even today.

  • Wow. Can you email us a picture if you’re there again? tips thanks

  • Salinger

    Yup, a lineup of… 2. I walked home through TEC on my way home today. There are two guys, clearly together as they are wearing matching bright yellow t-shirts with “I’m #1 in line for the new iPhone” and “I’m #2…” or something to that effect and “Behind me!” on their backs.

    Clearly, they’re there for more than a phone, they’re there for the notoriety.

  • Johnson

    Will walking in around 11am on launch day be too late?

  • Depends on what you want and what’s left–and location.

  • Johnson

    It would be a 16gb space grey one at the Square One location. Think I’ll have any luck?

  • I think you might be in luck, if it’s iPhone 6. But iPhone 6 Plus seems to be in high demand.

  • gus metropolo ?

    Just sent an email with the pic of the line at Pacific Centre Vancouver. I went to Metrotown and no line until 3pm tomorrow.

  • Received. Thanks Gus.

  • Tor Killi

    People are crazy. They scared H&M will run out of the winter collection??????

  • spykids933

    any updated pictures from the richmond centre lineup?

  • Rob F

    I’ll be there tmmrw night

  • Jeevin Pandher

    Square One 11:30am September 18th, 11 people lined up, some here with mother and child to get there hands on as many phones as possible

  • Anthony

    Anyone at Mapleview Mall in Burlington?

  • Rohit

    will be @ eaton center @ 7 am

  • Dan Kennedy

    Sent this morning…. sorry it isn’t the best quality.

  • Cruisn76

    Thinking about it. What time?

  • SilentG

    Hey Blazer, if you go to Fairview can you update us on how many lined up? I’ll probably join you at 3am.

  • YoungAncient

    I want to go to FailrView Mall but I don’t know how early I can get there given the fact that (I have a life – Haahahaha JK) I am supposed to be at work for an early meeting.

  • tony

    I will be lining up at Fairview if anyone’s interested in my spot

  • Rob F

    Around 11ish. Somebody bring cards

  • Sen

    I’ll be heading to west Edmonton mall soon, what is a good time to be there for? This is my first iPhone launch day adventure and am unsure of what to expect.

  • Cristhian Mejia

    That line up is actually not that big. People not as desperate as thought.

  • Cristhian Mejia

    You’re right most are resellers. You can usually pre-order via your carrier and receive it shortly.

  • Cristhian Mejia

    Limit is two.

  • blasted

    Just saw the line at eaton…atleast 500 meters long :/

  • Cruisn76

    Drove by Fairview Mall and it is a sh*t show. I’d say 300 maybe…. It goes from Forever 21 entrance and wraps all the way to the other side of The Bay before the down ramp. Good luck to those that are going now or later tonight.

  • Cruisn76

    Also york dale is the same if not more 300+, mahjong tables tents etc…

  • yellownancy

    Yorkdale Mall, Toronto : about 300 people in line… Outside!

  • JackBauer

    I was just by Richmond Centre on the way home and noticed about 500 people standing in line outside. It was nuts! the parking lot was jam packed and people were lined up all around the mall. That’s just insane!

  • Sen

    I’m in line at west Edmonton now, about 80 people in front of me and about 100-150 behind.