Is Your iPhone 6 Plus Randomly Rebooting and Suffering from App Crashes?


According to an Apple support forum thread spotted by AppleInsider, which currently has more than 9,000 views and 60 replies, multiple iPhone 6 Plus owners have reported an identical issue in which the phone crashes or enters a reboot loop, forcing them to take it to Apple for service. It appears that Apple has swapped such iPhones with new ones, with some iPhone 6 Plus owners reported to be on their fourth replacement unit.

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While no specific reason has yet been discovered, some 6 Plus owners posting to the thread claim to have pin pointed the exact trigger. Turns out the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus is the most affected mode with the apps installed number at more than 700. It was initially thought that restoring from a previous iPhone carried over faulty app settings or incompatible apps, but this theory was debunked after multiple attempts to restore phones as new before adding on apps manually failed.

“Some forum members and AppleInsider readers have taken their 6 Plus in to an Apple Store for assessment. In some cases, Geniuses exchange the non-functional unit, while others have been told to hold on to their phone as their repair ticket escalates up the tech support chain of command. Few have reported success with new iPhone 6 Plus replacements. As for workarounds, some are seeing varying success in restoring the phone as new, then manually installing each previously purchased app one-by-one. However, as mentioned above, a good number of owners have tried this tactic to no avail.”

Some users have also suggested that turning on the Display Zoom function helps prevent crashes, though it is not a proven fix. 

Have you experienced a similar issue with your iPhone 6 Plus?


  • Parksy

    Nope. 64GB 6 Plus is working pretty well. No crashes thus far. Battery is great. Getting two days of usage with 10 to 12 hours of screen time between charges.

  • kennymatic


  • Roy

    my iphone 6 does all that too!!!! so iphone 6 is also affected some friends with the 6 also has the same issue

  • roy

    since i got the iphone 6 my phone was replaced 3 times

  • Shier

    128GB iphone 6 plus here. No problems with crashing or anything like that, although I seem to have slow LTE speeds. Haven’t tried with a different phone yet to see if it’s just a problem with my phone yet

  • Vincent Cadieux

    I have an iPhone 6 Plus 128GB since 3 weeks and it never crashed like that, guess I’m lucky ?

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    I too have the iPhone 6+ w/ 128 Gigs memory and I can report no crashes of any kind. I had WiFi issues that forced me to manually reboot the device once in a while but it seems to have been fixed since I installed iOS 8.1.

  • Supacon

    Mine has been excellent. I think it crashed once or twice on me since I bought it, but I certainly haven’t seen recurring issues. My iPhone 5s on 7.0 was awful. iPhone 6+ on 8.1 is much, much better.

  • Dude…

    My 6+ 1200$ phone dosen’t deserve to crash.. if, one day, it crash… i will be mad at Apple…POINT A LA LIGNE…

  • Tnt4ever

    facing wifi disconnect & sometime search in spotlight + safari search goes blank

  • sgmah

    After two weeks of struggling with my 128GB iPhone 6 Plus with constant crashes and expecting/hoping iOS 8.1 would fix it and didn’t, I went through all my apps and those that didn’t have ‘personal’ data’, I deleted. I trimmed from 1,000 apps to 120 on my 64GB iPhone 5s, backed it up and restored it to my iPhone 6 Plus after restoring it again. All has been good and stable for several days now and have reinstalled some of apps I felt I required. I think that’s the only choice.

  • Elaine Leung

    It did restart and crash a few times but hasn’t really been happening after i upgraded to IOS 8.1

  • Billdozer

    My IPhone 6 Plus 128gb also crashes. I thought it was because they haven’t upgraded the ram because i notice it mostly when I have several apps open in the background it seemed to struggle. Background airplay wouldn’t work, sometimes apple logo would appear and it would refresh. After removing the background apps it seems to function normal but I’m disappointed that it can’t handle 5 apps in the background like my IPhone 5 could. Hopefully they fix this.. Somehow.

  • AR

    I know the 6/6+ should easily be able to handle so many apps but I don’t understand why some people have so many apps installed! 1000 apps? Really? Who would have enough time to use 1000 apps?!

  • beavisaur

    My 6+ 128GB on 8.1 definitely crashes often. I would say twice a day at the minimum. Mostly it will lock up and the app that I am will freeze and then I get kicked back to the home screen. The other most common is just randomly while texting or browsing safari it will reboot, this happens less often, probably about 3 or 4 times a week. I have roughly 65 apps installed. No more than 4-8 ever open in the background at the same time. But I do have well over 2GB taken up with the Messages app, and over 8300 photos in the camera roll. Carplay is also starting to lock up occasionally just while playing music stored on the phone. I’m pretty convinced it is a software issue as the crashes happen less often now with 8.1. I’m hoping the issues will get resolved with the next iOS update.

  • PTK

    I experience crashing, the rebooting loop and red screen program after downloaded the 8.1 iOS about 30 hours later. I only have about 50 apps on my iphone 6 plus.

  • ptk

    I meant red screen problem, sorry for the typos.

  • kim

    I’m done with apple and their cheaply made phones. It’s bad enough my android friends laugh at me for using a phone with outdated specs but this rebooting was the final straw. I had three phones that kept on rebooting THREE. Apple is garbage and anyone guying an iphone6 has been warned.

  • K4

    Hi Kim, this is IPHONEincanada. If you feel like bashing Apple, you’re at the wrong place bud.

  • askssk715

    Yes, but I think it was from the 8.1 update. I had my 64gb 6 plus for a month and all was well after I brought everything in from my old iPhone 5. However, after installing iOS 8.1 last week…within a couple of days my phone had a hardware failure and was in some sort of boot cycle with the Apple log and the red screen of death. The Apple Store here in Miami, FL gave me a new phone. I’m scared to update. Leaving it at iOS 8 for now.

  • Askssk715

    Same thing happened to me. I think it’s iOS 8.1 issues.

  • Kevin

    It’s just because it’s in the early stages of ios8.

  • joe87

    Since yesterday I have the same issue with my 4 days old iPhone 6 (16 GB, iOS 8.1). After having issues with greyed out wifi it’s now starting to freeze from time to time. In some cases a hard-reset brings it back for a few minutes. Sometimes I just get the red display. This is really embarrassing!

  • Wayy510

    You Apple apologists are all the same. You can never blame Apple for defective shit. This person spent at least $700 for a new phone and this shit happens. The only thing you Apple sycophants offer is: hard reboot and or restore. The fucking phones are suffering from bad memory modules but people like you can’t acknowledge it because you have Apples dick in your mouth.

    I like Apple and love my iPhone, but my new $900 phone is fucking up and Apple needs to acknowledge the issue and take care of their customers. They used a cheaper type of memory and it is a hardware issue. It doesn’t “just work” this time. Some advice for you K4, take the Apple dick out of your ass and out it back in your mouth so you can rag on people who have every reason to be upset at Apple after sending big money for a phone that doesn’t work as designed.

  • Mine crash à lot, some sites I cant read without crash and reboot… I think they know about it
    and its because the small RAM memory. I dont think Apple care about it that much! The fix
    will be in next release with 6S 2GB RAM. Apple know that people going to buy that upcoming
    model. So why care?

  • carolinagirl843

    I have an iPhone 6+ 64gb that keeps power cycling during calls…strange thing is my calls are not disconnecting, I get the apple symbol then my home screen and my call is still connected.

  • Luciana

    I am having the same issue with my Iphone 6 64Gb. It takes more than 10 minutes to reboot and the problem is happening every 2 to 3 hours… I basically can’t rely on the phone.
    I am now scheduling an appointment at the “Genius Bar” and see what they will tell me.
    I am completely disappointed.

  • Griffin

    Have had 6 plus 64GB since week before Christmas. Started rebooting itself 2 days ago, really annoying since it has happened 5-6 times each day. Considering taking it by Apple store due to it interfering with my studying.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Griffin

    This happened to be today!! So weird….

  • david l

    After multiple attempts of trying to get this issues fixed by with some of Apples upper level technicians for over a month apple has finally provided me with a solution.

    According to Zainab Sadoun “coroporate executive relation” and her team of engineers, currently Apple is aware of this issue and does not have a solution. After speaking with multiple techs who all blamed the issue on iCloud safarri bookmarks, two phones later, and 1 month of time sending crash logs back and forth fix was quite simple there is no fix.

    Anyone one experiencing this issue should do the following:

    Contact Zainab Sadoun: informer her of your issue. Ask for a gesture of goodwill for dealing with the problem.
    1 (408) 783 0401

    Contact Her lead technician: Ray DI Biasi

    Unfortunently when asked to provide the the failure in writing I was denied. She said Look for a fix in one of the upcoming IOS releases.
    AS for me I will take my iphone 6plus back the 6 does not have this issues.

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Joseph

    Actually I am using iPhone 6 128GB and have been having this issue for the past 4 days. So be warned: iPhone 6 can present this issue as well. Not sure why it happens less often on the 6, but I’m about to contact Zainab for assistance.

  • e.a

    got my iPhone 6plus 128 GB 15 days ago only . and a couple of days ago it started resetting itself all the time ….. i don’t know why ? i have the 8.1.2 version that came with it . please somebody ….need some help here …. i still have iPhone 4s and 5 and they work great…..

  • Nessa ??

    Sometimes when I get a call the phone crashes and reboots as the phone starts ringing or mid way through a call. When it reboots, the ringer sometimes resumes and often the call has not completely dropped out. Very annoying!

  • Nessa ??

    *thought I’d mention its the iPhone 6+ 128 gb and I have also upgraded the software and the problem still persists 🙁

  • Fred

    Seriously, people are supposed to put up with it cause it’s in the early stages?
    When does it stop being the ‘early stages’?

  • Frank

    Yep. four day old phone (iphone 6+ 64 gig) shuts on / off randomly, shuts down when least expect it and occasionally just powers down by itself. Do 2-3 hard reboots each day, have restored 5 times, run as a fresh phone without apps for a day (no change). Will be returning to apple after a business trip.

  • tandi

    I am just as dissapointed, my iphone 6 -64Gb 8.2, I have had it for 2 weeks and have already taken it to an apple store for software reinstall. This has not fixed the problem and i am considering sending it back to the states where it was purchased from….:(

  • Jordan

    You are right about that , Apple don’t really care about problems.i have face the same problems with my iPhone 6 128gb. Made an appointment with the apple genius crap.some reasons they can’t find out my proof of purchase! How irresponsible is that. The guy was serving me was Indian, don’t know how he’s working can’t understand English. I asked to see him manager. He came over, told me theres some issue with the phone serial number & won’t be able to do anything. I got very upset about when he said this phone useless now. So I left the store thinking loosing my money.
    Then I set down home with the phone download few iPhone recovery software, keep holding the power button at a same time try to restore iTunes. At first came up with 4095 errors!! Then I keep trying to updates, 8.2.
    You won’t believe after trying 25 times finally it restored for me. Then I switch off the phone 10 times , now no more red or blue screen of death problems !!!!!
    Need to zoom the screen & turn of the Touch ID,
    Finally the phone got fixed. ????????????????
    So apples genius bar became total waste of time & useless when I could fix it.
    Hope try this out guys. It will work 100%

  • Durameter

    I have been having the same problem, iPhone 6+ 64GB.

  • Durameter

    Good call!

  • Undivided

    All the iOS sheep claiming nothing wrong with their iphone so the issues must be user error. Gotta love these 5 year olds with 5 year old mentalities. My wife and I both own a 6 plus 64GB. My wifes phone is constantly crashing, and respringing. My 6 plus 64GB has not given me any trouble yet. Made appointment with genious bar and all they did was restore the phone. Really geniuous’s. That’s what I have been doing every night for her. I am making another appointment for tomorrow. I have apple care on both phones. If Apple does not replace the phone tomorrow, i will be furious.

  • Katie

    I am currently experiencing this! It started yesterday! Now it has gotten worse, and won’t let my phone charge. It shows the apple logo, then turns blue and repeats that cycle repeatedly for 20 mins. Then goes back to normal, and starts doing it all over again with only 5 min break in between. I went to Apple yesterday and the rep that checked me in said that I would need it replaced… After waiting an hour to be seated at the Genius Bar, he ran a diagnostic test and told me that I have a lot of crashing apps, and that I have a “fixable” system issue. He told me to back my phone up, restore it and leave it as a new phone for a couple days. He said if it begins acting up again, they’ll replace it. I was so irritated because why was I told that I’d get a new phone and now I wasted teo hours, and a lot of gas to get to the mall to be told to restore my phone. The employees at Apple always give me such an attitude! Sorry that I’m a customer who spends a lot of money to have this phone, and I expect it to be replaced when it starts restarting continuously to where I can’t even use it.

  • Thomas Gehman

    Weird. I have a 64GB 6 Plus. Had it for about a week, and I can’t get the battery to last one day. And it’s done the reboot thing twice in a week. iOS 8.3.
    I even take great measures to optimize my battery life lol

  • Parksy

    Still no problems on my end. Both my wife and I had iPhone 5’s before. Mine had a terrible battery and my wife’s was great. Just shows that each device, although the same, is still different.
    Keep using it to generate some diagnostic information and make a genius bar appointment in a month. Don’t do any hard resets as it wipes the data. They may either replace your phone or swap out the battery if there is a legit problem.

  • Homeless One

    I have two issues, my iPhone restarts randomly and whenever I lock it, it closes any app I’m in.

  • Ruben

    I’m also having the same issue with an iPhone 6 64GB. Many apps, including Apple apps such as iMessage and Apple Maps and a whole bunch of third-party apps are constantly crashing and freezing. I’ve rebooted the phone several times but after rebooting the problems come back sooner or later. My wife also has a 64GB iPhone 6 and is experiencing similar problems, just not as much as me. I don’t have that many apps installed (~50). Seriously considering switching to an Android phone, because this thing is unusable this way.

  • Ruben

    I can tell you from first-hand experience that the 6 has the same problems.

  • Heather

    My 6 is doing that too and I just got it, early July 2015.

  • Observer

    With the number of complaints of this phenomenon, why is there not a ‘recall’ ~ and why are Apple users not getting into a class action to have the problem addressed?

  • Sandra M Bernard

    I agree. I have been having an ongoing issue with my 6 Plus. Freezes. Won’t start. Restart loop to where it is basically an overpriced paperweight. I have been back to the Genius Bar multiple times only to finally be told today (after more than 6 months of complaints) that I am out of warranty and if I want to get my paperweight repaired, I need to cough up an additional $329. Wtf? This is a known problem and when I stated such to the manager, he acted as if they had never seen or heard of this problem. I currently have 4 iPhones, 3 MacBook pros and 2 iPads. I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER APPLE PRODUCT AGAIN. There is a reason their profit margins are dropping. They don’t care about the customer anymore. I have been a loyal Apple consumer since the iPhone 3 and 1st generation iPad. But no more. They are more worried about selling warranties to poorly made products that they know won’t remain functional. One has to wonder if some type of corporate sabotage is occurring to assist with their bottom line. Create an upgrade that causes issues with the phone. More ppl won’t have a warranty than will. We will win in the long run on repairs or upgrades. They are betting that ppl will keep drinking the koolaid. I’m stepping away. They aren’t what they used to be.

  • Rod

    I HATE My iphone 6 plus 64gb because it CONSTANTLY crashes and before you give me a list of fixes, I have tried them all!!! I reboot 5-8 times a day, i am unable to read a full article or watch a video because the app/safari will crash within a few minutes and continue to do so, even if i delete it and reinstall it. It affects all my apps, google apps & anything in safari are the worst culprits. I am done with Apple, I am switching to the Note 7 when it comes out next week. I find it disgusting that Apple has no respect for their customers, as they continue to come out with phones that do not have enough RAM or gb to run their shitty IOS properly. I honestly would rather have a cheap cricket phone because at least when it doesnt work it didnt cost me $1200.