iPhone 6 Rumoured to Include Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity Sensors


On top of the sensor-packed iWatch, and software dubbed as Healthbook focusing on collecting health-related data, rumours of the next-generation iPhone have surfaced suggesting that it will contain pressure, temperature, and humidity sensors.

IPhone 6 tech specs

The information comes from electronics analyst Sun Chang Xu, chief analyst of ESM China, who has published the information on her Weibo account. The pressure reference, however, is not related to blood pressure, as some may think, but instead to atmospheric pressure, specifies GforGames, which was first to spot the report.

According to Sun Chang Xu (news chief analyst at ESM-China), sources close to the matter have revealed that Apple will catch up in the “sensors department”, as the iPhone 6 will feature pressure, temperature and humidity sensors. Please note that the analyst is probably not referring to blood pressure (this feature is rumored to be implemented in Apple’s iWatch) but to atmospheric pressure.

Considering that Apple is going to take a huge step and will reinvent the mobile health fitness tracking space as we know it, this rumour could make sense, especially if the previously reported sensors to measure heart rate, hydration, and oxygen level, etc. are packed into a wearable device, which could be the iWatch.


  • peter s

    This article lacks journalistic etic.

    “Considering that apple is going to take a huge step and reinvent…gush gush” is not objective reporting at all, especially when it’s speculation. Maybe the iwatch will flop, how do you know?

    I get that this place is generally frequented by apple fans, but even so I found the quality improved a lot when some of the articles began to take critical tones on the company. As a tech consumer I like going to a place with objective content whether or not they’re talking about a product or company I like.

    As I said, the quality here has constantly improved, but there are remnants of fanboyism detracting from some of the content still.

    My two cents.

  • matin

    these pictures more looklike iphone knock offs

  • Al

    Granted, using …”is going to”… is a bit over-zealous and should have been replaced with a phrase more in line with “is anticipated to”. However, the exuberant sentiment concerning the implication of this technology is not without merit. If the rumors and assumptions are true, this expanded technology would most likely be HUGE, and the app spinoff would also likely by very significant.

    And, IMO, István is perhaps the most grounded writer for IPIC.