Apple Said to Adopt Quad HD Display for iPhone 6

The Taiwanese star is holding an authentic iPhone 6 unit in his hand, Apple employees confirmed to SteveNotes (via GforGames).

Taiwanese star iphone 6

Earlier last week, there was much buzz around the Weibo user dreamerJimmy, alias Jimmy Lin, who last year leaked the iPhone 5c weeks before its official launch. This time, however, he leaked an iPhone 6 Beta device, sources close to Apple claim. Although we cannot confirm its authenticity, Apple insiders told the Hong Kong-based blog that the company has already shipped iPhone 6 Beta units for testing purposes across the globe.

The same source also notes that the iPhone 6 will feature a QHD display. QHD stands for Quad HD, and means four times more pixels that a 720 HD display, double the full HD display: 2560 × 1440 resolution, different from what DisplaySearch or 9to5Mac report.

The source, however, was vague enough not to mention which model he or she is referring to, but from the context was apparently talking about the 4.7-inch model. Since the iPhone 6 is likely entering mass production as we speak, we can expect more information leaks soon.

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  • Supacon

    I’m pretty skeptical of the 2560×1440 claim. QHD is such a high resolution that it doesn’t offer a noticeable improvement in display quality yet it uses much more power. See ArsTechnica’s review of the LG G3 for a real-world example of this:

    Apple doesn’t tend to fight against competitors with sheer specifications as is common in the Android world… they thoughtfully make design decisions to ensure the best experience for their users and developers. The 3x retina resolution reported by 9to5 mac seems far more likely to me than some arbitrary resolution that is just a common size/resolution that existing manufacturers are already producing. (This tends to be where Android screen sizes come from, whereas Apple tend to make more customized parts).

  • Supacon

    I wonder if Apple will release a 4.7″ iPhone with a 3x 1704×960 display, and a larger iPhone phablet with a 4x 2272×1280 display. Either of these makes more sense than 2560×1440. Better reverse compatibility, less excessively power-wasting, both significantly higher dpi than the current iPhone displays.