Alleged iPhone 6 Parts Leak: External Camera Ring, Metal Apple Logo [PICS]


Feld & Volk, a luxury maker of customized iPhones, has shared new images of what claim to be parts from the upcoming iPhone 6.

The images (via MacRumors) show off recessed volume button cutouts (which falls in line with rumours of the second generation iPad Air sporting the same) and also an embedded metal Apple logo, which appears to be similar to what we have seen from the original iPhone.

Iphone 6 recessed volume

Feld & Volk says the Apple logo metal appears to be very scratch resistant, which could hint at signs of it being made by liquidmetal, the same material Apple tested to make their SIM ejector tool for the iPhone 3GS back in the day.

Iphone 6 embedded logo

The following screenshot is from a previous Feld & Volk video showing off an alleged iPhone 6 rear shell. The cutout Apple logo is supposed to fit the metal logo we see above:

Screenshot 2014 08 07 22 50 10

Another image claims to be a camera ring for the iPhone 6, measuring 6.66 millimetres in diameter. With the iPhone 6 design looking to be thinner than the iPhone 5/5s, camera optics might pose a problem, and could stick out from the body, similar to what currently resides in the iPod touch.

Iphone 6 camera ring

The debate is whether this protruding ring is for the 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch iPhone 6 (and if it’s even real). Rumours point to a possible 13 megapixel Sony CMOS sensor being implemented. I can’t imagine Apple releasing an iPhone with a protruding camera ring (yuck). Seriously.

A last image was shared of an unknown flex cable and also images of the iPhone 6 rear shell with cutout Apple logo—which we’ve already seen before.

Iphone 6 shell parts

Apple is set to announce its iPhone 6 at a media event on September 9, according to Re/code (there’s a 99% chance this will happen).


  • IB6UB9

    I hope the Camera ends up being an “innie” instead of an “outie”.

  • An outie would be…just bad.

    But I’d still buy it.

  • tHoj101

    It would be interesting if Apple made the camera ring magnetic, and started making their own line of attachable lenses. They filmed a commercial entirely on iPhone and have since pushed toward iPhone photography and videography on the advertising front. Or maybe it’s just a boring set back from making the phone too thin, who knows?

  • The6ee6

    I am fine with the camera as long as its a continuous improvement in picture and video quality from iphone 5s, as most of us who upgrade to the 6 will probably keep it for atleast 2 years. What I ABSOLUTELY HATE are those stupid lines on the back of the metal case, honestly makes the device lose the luxury svelte look, makes it look like garbage. Yes the HTC M8 has similar lines, but it did them in a finesse kind of way, not this fisher price crap.