iPhone 6 Rumoured to Have 8 MP Rear Camera with Improved Image Stabilization


Iphone rear camera

Rumors have surfaced that Apple won’t upgrade the resolution of the iPhone 6 rear camera, but will adopt an 8-megapixel sensor instead, the China Post reports (via MacRumors).

The rumours have disappointed investors, who expected Apple to upgrade the iPhone’s rear camera to 13 megapixels, while others had anticipated 16 megapixels. Analysts at Nomura Securities, however, have heard that Apple will stick with an 8 MP sensor and tweak it with improved image stabilization.

According to Nomura Securities, Largan’s recently lagging performance in the market is caused by rumors that Apple may adopt an 8 mega-pixel (MP) camera with improved optical image stabilization on its upcoming handset, instead of the 16 MP upgrade anticipated by industry observers. Apple’s decision is based on the design requirement to retain the handset’s more portable form factor, said Nomura Securities.

Whispers of a camera upgrade started to circulate early last year before the launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Apple, however, decided not to upgrade; instead, it provided significant other changes, such as increased pixel size, and added a new True Tone dual LED flash.

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  • iphone_home

    I guess they’re saving it for the iPhone 6s.

  • Yay! This is good news. They can make more significant improvements to low light capabilities if they don’t increase the resolution. And really, is anyone needing an image higher than 8MP from their phone? I’d MUCH rather have a phone that needs less light.

  • Chrome262

    I think investors have this idea that upgrades have to be an increase in number value. Even if it ends up being a different camera, with the same megapixels they feel its not an upgrade. Ryan is right, there is no need, there are higher MP phones out there but except for generating a huge image (that you can’t email easily), they don’t always offer the best quality. although nokia’s is pretty cool if over the top (40 mp), it doesn’t always offer the best low light photos and its image stabilization is lacking compared to other smaller offerings. As for the smaller form factor, isn’t this going to be a bigger screen phone? is all that extra space for battery?

  • crosseyed_mofo

    the fact megapixels are even a selling point anymore is comical

  • Al

    “Yes phones should be as good as a point and shoot”

    I was agreeing with everything you said up until that point. Phones will never have the capabilities of a P&S… unless you turn a P&S into a phone.

  • Tim

    If they’re going to upgrade the megapixels I hope they make 32gb a baseline for storage capacity.

  • Chrome262

    straight point and shoots don’t have the same capabilities of a DSLR, they do not have removable lenses, most do pretty much what phone cameras do, and are not as portable. The only advantage, is that some, zoom a bit. Most of the chips and sensors are the same or similar to what you find in a phone. And on a phone you have better or at least more versatile software running them.

  • Al

    Never said a P&S was comparable to a DSLR.

    Here’s some of the bigger advantages of a decent P&S over a phone…
    – WAY bigger sensor (this adds to the quality significantly)
    – WAY bigger lens with more glass and better elements (this also adds to the quality significantly, and also makes low light shooting much better since they can allow more light to enter the camera),
    – The optical zoom element is a huge factor. My little P&S can zoom to the equivalent of 300mm.

  • WatDah

    Yeah, I agree with Al on this one. You can’t really compare a dedicated camera to a phone camera. Though what you are saying about phone cameras impacting the point and shot market is quite true, but that’s mostly because people who are looking to buy a regular point and shot are obviously not as technical, nor requires high end equipment. In that sense, phone cameras will do just fine for them.

  • OliChabot

    I personnaly don’t need more MP, but I think that it is for many a buy-or-pass factor and that they should get at least a 10MPX camera to stick with the competition.

  • Farids

    That’d be a deal breaker for me. Apple has dragged the same configuration/sensor size for too long. But if they said they’ve managed to fit an 8 megapixel APC-C size sensor into iPhone 6, I’ll order 2 phones!!! ????

  • baptize

    I don’t care about the camera. Give me bigger screen. Otherwise I’m staying with Samsung.

  • Al

    Damn spell check… corroborates – not cooperates.