Alleged iPhone 6 Sapphire Display Holds Up Against Scratch and Bend Tests [VIDEO]


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Marques Brownlee from The Tech Block has shown off what appears to be a purported iPhone 6 sapphire crystal display, acquired through the help of connected Apple parts leaker Sonny Dickson.

Brownlee’s hands-on puts the alleged sapphire display through scratch tests with keys, a knife and various forms of bending. The display, which is also very clear, holds up impressively and he concludes it can’t be scratched and most likely will not need a screen protector.

Check out the video below:

Earlier rumours claimed not all versions of the iPhone 6 would use sapphire glass, but according to Brownlee, his 4.7-inch part seemingly suggests both larger versions will support the stronger and more durable crystal display.

Earlier this morning, we saw another hands-on with a sapphire display from Sonny Dickson, but the quality of the test wasn’t as thorough as Brownlee’s.

If this part is indeed legitimate, that’s some pretty impressive glass which looks to blow Corning’s Gorilla Glass out of the water.


  • Al

    Knives and keys (although common real-world) are smooth edged things and, even if sharp, may not scratch glass. Why don’t people who do these tests use something that can really scratch, like the end of a paper clip or some other jagged-edged thing?

    And why didn’t he shoot at it? C’mon people… I need to know if this will stop a bullet for me!

  • WatDah

    Where the hell do they get these samples?

  • Jony Ive’s secret lab

  • WatDah

    Not so secret apparently!

  • Tim

    Think about it, right now in China, and perhaps other Asian countries, there are tens of millions of these displays being attached to iphones. Is it so unthinkable that a few slip out the door from time to time? Apple hasn’t been able to contain leaks of their final iphones for years. I expect this one to be same.

  • Chrome262

    poor screen protector vendors, and case makers, I don’t even use a case any more on my 5s, I just have a carbon skin to protect the metal from scratches. At this point, with all the metal and now this, I can see the market for repairs shrinking. If I didn’t already have the 5s I would get the 6 just for the glass.

  • xxxJDxxx

    That looked like a very sharp tipped knife he was using

  • Al

    Take a piece of glass and drag a knife tip along it. Nothing will likely happen if it’s a good quality blade because the edge is too perfect. Then drag a lesser quality piece of cut metal (like the edge of a paper clip) along it, and see what happens from the tiny jagged / spurred edges.

  • bspence88

    I could scratch our ZAGG invisibleSHIELD Glass the same way and it won’t show scratches. I can also bend it the same way and it doesn’t shatter. Ive seen tests like this before on Gorilla Glass and it still scratches and shatters. I’m not worried about my ZAGG stores at all.