Alleged Sapphire iPhone 6 Glass Undergoes Flex Test [VIDEO]


Iphone 6 front panel

The iPhone 6 front panel has already been shown in several images and a video, but what’s different this time is the exact measurements provided by the French site Nowhereelse and the limited bending test the component is subjected to.

As you can see in the above image, the alleged iPhone 6 front panel measures 4.7 inches diagonally, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, as there have been plenty of reports highlighting the upgrade.

What’s more interesting, though, is the bending test the component is subjected to: although it is a limited bending stress test, the front panel survives.

It is worth noting here that two different sources have posted the video: both the French Nowhereelse and the iPhone leaker Sonny Dickson. There is one extra slice of information in the video shared on YouTube by Sonny Dickson, and that is in its title, which mentions the highly anticipated sapphire glass.

However, in the video we couldn’t find any information to either corroborate or contradict his statement, so this part remains unclear.

Apple is said to be moving away – at least in part – from the currently used Gorilla glass in favour of the anticipated sapphire glass.


  • Al

    Man… Did not like the end of that last video and how it showed how awkward it was to use the new 4.7″ size with one hand. I bet you they continue with 5s production as well in order to make the existing size still available.

  • The6ee6

    they should have done a shatter test. Everyone knows that iphone glass breaks because of falling to a hard surface and the glass shattering. I have never heard of an iphone being bent out of proportions.