Two Years in, iPhone 6 Still Most-Used iOS Device [Report]


The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus launch was better than the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but the iPhone 6 was able to obtain iOS market share at a much faster rate than the latest Apple handset, according to Apteligent’s data in a recent report, Mobile Year in Review.

After crunching data sent by millions of devices, Apteligent says it has noticed only 29 unique Apple device models. Before you start counting the number of mobile device models Apple has so far released, here is the thing from Apteligent: the most used handsets are the iPhone 6 (#1), iPhone 6s (#2) and the iPhone 5s (#3). The recently released iPhone 7 is in the #6 spot, while the iPhone 7 Plus ranked #9, according to the Apteligent report.

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When comparing the September 2016 launch to that of the iPhone 6, turns out that the iPhone 7 couldn’t replicate the hit the iPhone 6 meant for Apple, but it was close: “With a combined share of adoption in December of the two iPhone 7 models of 11%, this isn’t too far from the iPhone 6 during the same time, which stood at 13%”, the report reads.

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Of course, the iPhone 7 launch affected the usage of earlier models: Since September 2016, iPhone 6 usage has dropped by 5%, that of the iPhone 5s by 2.4%, and of the iPhone 6 Plus by 1.4%. It is worth adding that the iPhone 7 Plus seems to be more popular among users than the iPhone 6 Plus was over the same time period.

You can read the full Apteligent report here.


  • MleB1

    Well, I picked up my 6 from my Provider after the 7 came out – only a year ‘old’ as a model and I saved a whack of cash by doing that. So now only a little over a year with it, still under AppleCare – why would I care to ‘upgrade’ to something with marginally more sparkly bits?
    If it comes to that, had the battery not started to lag badly, I would probably still be running my 4 (with iOS 7.2.2) – but hey, its carefully boxed up in my tech drawer ‘just in case’…

  • Dominic

    I like the 6S I feel like it would take a lot to make me want to upgrade.

  • So Young

    There is a huge difference between 6 and 6s on speed and smoothness due to the 1GB extra ram. But between 6s and 7, there is virtually no real difference in performance so maybe thats why users dont upgrade that much this time around

  • Tim

    Yep, nobody cares about the iphone 7 and with good reason.