iPhone 6 ‘Touch Disease’ Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple in Canada



In late August a class action lawsuit was filed against Apple for a problem with the functionality of its display touch sensors, which iFixit dubbed “Touch Disease.”  The problem affects both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models where the smartphone will stop responding to touch commands.

According to a report from the CBC, another class action lawsuit for the “Touch Disease” issue has been filed against Apple in Canada. This means that Apple is now facing class action lawsuits from Canada and the United States. In a statement, Regina lawyer Tony Merchant said:

“As they began to have more and more complaints and people were going to them — and we’ve had significant numbers of people contact us — they brushed it under the rug.”

Last month, Merchant Law Group filed two class action lawsuits against Apple, one of which was Canada-wide and the other was specific to the province of Quebec. The proposed lawsuit would include all iPhone 6 and 6 Plus customers in Canada and alleges that Apple supplied defective devices “knowingly and intentionally concealed” from customers.

Rae Wiegers, an employee of the city of Prince Albert, has contacted Apple multiple times about the issue and has never received a satisfactory response. Currently, the only solution to the problem is to bring your device back to Apple for repair, which will cost you about $300.


  • erth

    i have had this issue multiple times. and it seems like it happens at the worst times. i have to reboot the phone and then it seems to work.
    i wonder how long this lawsuit will cost, and how much it will increase the price of a new phone.

  • Matt

    My partners 6 Plus had this problem with his screen less than 2 months outside of the warranty. Brought it to Apple and all they could do was an out of warranty replacement which set me back $429+tax. Luckily I bought it on my AMEX so they reimbursed me for it.

  • swotam

    Assuming the lawsuit is successful it will take years to complete, by which point most of these devices will have been replaced anyway. That’s not to say there wouldn’t be a financial burden to Apple as a result, but nothing big enough in the grand scheme of things to affect the price of future devices.

    I think I’ve seen one device that had this problem (I work with Apple devices in a corporate environment), and we just sent it back for replacement. Of course, it was under warranty at the time.

    Most of the time, the only people who get anything substantial from a class-action lawsuit are the lawyers who make multiple millions. The average consumer gets very little. Odds are you’ll have to send in your device for repair, assuming you even have the device by that point, or you’ll get some marginal financial compensation in the form of an Apple gift card or something along those lines.

  • swotam

    Hard to say where this one will go. Burden of proof and all that. Saying that Apple “knowingly” made a defective product may be hard to prove. What would be easier to accomplish (and easier for the lawyers who make a pile of $$ from such cases) would be to either get Apple to agree to fix the phones where people have the issue, or give customers some form of compensation. Of course, that would require Apple to admit there’s an issue, which they haven’t done, and puts the burden of proving that this is a design flaw and not just the result of owner abuse on the lawyers.

    Either way, by the time it’s all said and done, the lawyers will walk away with a pile of money, and the people who started the suit will get very little in the way of compensation, assuming they even have the phone at that point…

    Anyone who joins the suit expecting to get a big wad of cash or a free iPhone 9 (or whatever at that point) is just deluding themselves. Best case you’ll get your 5+ year old phone fixed, assuming you even have the phone (or the receipt), or you’ll get an Apple gift card with a marginal amount of credit to compensate for the inconvenience.

  • Shameer Mulji

    What Apple loses (or may lose) is more than money and that’s good will & potential sales.

  • swotam

    That really depends on what the cause is, if this is an “Apple” problem or not, and how they solve the problem. It’s not widespread, and the main reason it’s getting any press at all is because of iFixit, so while those who have the issue may not think kindly of Apple in the future (depending on whose fault it ends up being and how the problem is resolved), you’re not talking about tens of millions of people here, it’s probably in the thousands or tens of thousands, which is minuscule compared to the number of iPhone 6 / 6S Plus that have been sold.

    Previous class action lawsuits related to popular Apple products have had virtually zero impact on their business, or reputation, as a whole. If a few thousand disgruntled people decide never to buy an iPhone (or Apple product) again, that’s really not going to have any material impact on anything in the grand scheme of things.

    You’re making this sound like something on the scale of an exploding Note 7, something that would make a large number of people reconsider their brand loyalty. It isn’t.

  • Daniel

    The same problem will happen after a year. You should never get the same model, it is a design problem.

  • Matt

    I don’t think you are allowed to switch models when doing an out of warranty replacement, and the AMEX warranty certainly would not have covered the cost of me upgrading to a 6S Plus. Also this happened almost a year ago now, so it was before “touch disease” was known to be a wide spread issue.

  • Ken626

    my iphone 6 plus has not got this touch disease,fingers crossed probaly next week it will happen but in feb-2017 my contract is up and i probaly will sell it for a Note 7 or wait for the iphone 8 as i love amoled displays.

  • ondre

    I just got this issue just less than a month after my AppleCare+ expired. I’m not saying the two are related but it sucks.

  • James Rielly

    You’re probably right,but it will force Apple to improve quality control.

  • Jun Yang

    LOL typical of Apple blaming users, I can’t wait to get rid of this iPhone 6