Eye-Popping Supercars Shot with iPhone 6s in 4K [VIDEO]


YouTube reviewer Danny Winget has released his iPhone 6s 4K video test, but instead of boring landscapes and backyards, he opted to shoot footage of various high-end sports cars. The camera angles and smooth shots he captured really make you focus on the quality of the iPhone 6s video (despite OIS only on the 6s Plus).

Iphone 6s 4k video test

Check it out below:

The iPhone 6s has a new 12 megapixel camera, which can record 4K video (over 8 million pixels), equivalent to four times the resolution of 1080p HD video. If you want a closer look the iPhone 6s camera’s 4K capability, you can download Apple’s sample video here to view (of course a 4K monitor makes sense when viewing it).


  • This is weird. It looks like it starts with a few nice video shots and ends with still photos that are being panned. There’s no movement at all in most of these shots, not even in any of the reflections, which makes me think they’re stills.