iPhone 6s Rumoured to Retain 8 MP Rear Camera


The next-generation iPhone (dubbed as the iPhone 6s) will allegedly retain a similar 8 MP camera to that used in the current generation of iPhone 6’s and 6 Pluses, reports the Taipei Times, based on Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting analyst Jeff Pu’s forecast (via GforGames).

Iphone 6 camera

Pu looked into Largan Precision Co., a major Apple supplier of smartphone camera lenses, and predicted that the company’s growth maybe limited due to a slow transition to high-resolution cameras.

According to Pu, Apple will skip jumping into the megapixel race with the next-generation iPhone(s), so if you are waiting for an iPhone with a higher-megapixel camera, you will have to wait a little longer, the analyst says.

Pu said that the camera specifications of the next-generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone 6S, will stay the same as the current iPhone 6 at 8-megapixels, limiting potential catalysts to push Largan’s stock price higher in the second half of the year.

“On the other hand, we expect the specification migration in high-end models to be from new features, such as optical image stabilization and fast autofocus, which benefit module makers more than lens makers, in our view,” Pu said.

After looking into Largan’s performance, a Nomura Securities analyst correctly predicted last January that Apple would use an 8 MP camera and image stabilization instead of jumping into higher megapixel cameras.


  • hub2

    Don’t personally care about higher megapixels, AS LONG AS there’s significant improvements in other areas. My wish list includes:
    – optical image stabilization on the 4.7″ 6s (and OIS in video mode too, so we stop losing almost a quarter of the field of view in video mode compared to photos!)
    – optical zoom, if that’s possible in such a thin chassis (grr…)
    – sensor improvements, e.g. even better low-light no-flash capture (pretty good right now from what I’ve seen, but can always do better)

  • MrXax

    Optical image stabilization on the non-plus, and rear chassis flush with the lens, using the extra space to increase the battery size.

  • John

    There is only so much you can do in low-light with such a tiny-ass sensor, and can’t defy the laws of physics. Because of that, low-light performance is crappy now, and will always be crappy until they increase it’s size.

  • Jay

    Yet the front camera is still at 1.2 MP? WTF?

  • OliChabot

    That would be a shame. Don’t see what else they can put on the 6S to make people want it so bad other than an amazing camera. Honestly, altough I don’t care about the megapixel race, I still would like a 13mpx camera to match with competition. I mean, the Nexus 6 is getting interesting…

  • Ronin

    What I’d like to see is the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera in the next iPhone. I’d rather have a thicker phone, with improved battery life and better camera, then a slimmer one that bends in your pocket. lol