Apple’s Latest iPhone 6s Ad ‘On the Set’ Showcases “Hey Siri” [VIDEO]


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Apple has shared a new iPhone 6s ad tonight, highlighting the always on “Hey Siri” feature within the latest smartphone. The ad features director actor and director Jon Favreau using the feature on set:

The iPhone 6s is here, and the only thing that’s changed with Siri is
everything. Because now you just say “Hey Siri” and Siri’s there, hands-free. Which can come in handy.

Favreau also starred in ads earlier this week, which similarly highlighted “Hey Siri”, a feature exclusive to the iPhone 6s.


  • winnertakesteve

    This is so weirdly without form. Is it supposed to feel like a vine? Even good vines have a bit of a pay off.

  • hobbes33

    Wait…I thought this function only works when the iPhone is connected to a power source?

  • I turned it off since you can’t use it without haveing either your data on or wi fi on.