Apple Launches iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus Sales in Canada


iPhone day is here, folks! Apple has officially launched iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus sales at its 29 retail stores across Canada along with its authorized carrier partners (Rogers, Fido, TELUS, Koodo, Bell, Virgin, SaskTel, MTS and Eastlink).

Again, for those just tuning in, unlocked prices start at $899 for the entry iPhone 6s and $1029 for the iPhone 6s Plus.

Two-year contract pricing starts at about $399 for the entry iPhone 6s and $529 for the iPhone 6s Plus. Our lower Canadian dollar has increased prices locally, so the “S” upgrade this time around will take a bigger bite of your wallet.

If your iPhone 6s pre-order has an estimated ship date of 9/25, you should expect a visit from UPS or FedEx today. It’s going to be a busy day for deliveries so have some patience.

For those out East, you probably have your shiny new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus by now. How is it? Share your first impressions with everyone below in the comments.


  • joe

    My delivery date got pushed back to Monday now 🙁

  • skydivertak

    I was just at the Rideau Centre Apple Store to look. I missed the opening at 8:00, but there wasn’t very much in terms of line-ups (it didn’t even reach to the store besides it).

  • agent b

    With TELUS business, I’ve pre-registerd, pre-reserved, and pre-ordered on Sept 11th just after midnight online. Today is launch day, for the iPhone 6s and STILL no tracking number, no word on a shipping date.

    So what’s the point of pre-registering if you get thrown into the same cue as everyone else?

    My brother who’s already pre-orderd his 6s via Telus (consumer account ) has already received tracking number, what a let down. Business customers get put on the back burner, again

  • Agent b

    SO far, Telus has only managed to offer the iPhone to its business customers (once) on launch day via online pre-order. That was for the iPhone 5. But nothing for iPhone 5s, and for the 6 it was exclusive to consumers only, TELUS did try this year, but had a long way to go.

  • Trevor Robertson

    I got an email from Telus today with a tracking number for my 6s Plus 64GB should be here today!

  • Parth

    Same is the case with the Bell Business , I ordered it on 12th September and I yet to receive tracking information.

  • AndreTen

    UPS just sent me a notification saying my phone is out for delivery. 🙂 Toronto, Ontario.

    Pre-ordered an unlocked iPhone 6s Plus 64Gb in gold via the App Store app.

  • neufsky

    Wait a second, Telus actually deliver their iPhones on launch day? They don’t make you pick it up at your nearest Telus store?

  • TealShark

    UPS dropped the ball for a bunch of people in Atlantic Canada. I just got off the phone with them and they claim customs in Montreal released a shipment too late to get on the cargo flights out east this morning. The phones in that load will now be delivered on Monday instead of today. Good stuff.

  • Jay

    This also happened to a shipment in the GTA. Just got off the phone with UPS and they are saying that a large shipment has come in (5:53am) and due to the volume hasn’t cleared customs, which will be sent to local UPS distribution hubs until tonight/tomorrow and won’t be delivered until Monday (Tuesday at the latest). Great, the thrill is definitely gone. A lot of people are going to be affected by this BS.

  • Parksy

    That’s not really UPS that dropped the ball, that’s our government!

  • It’s funny how UPS blame the Customs release who was too late…. My iPhone sat in UPS warehouse for 3 days in Louisville. I’m in Montreal, it still say being deliver for today but… still not in the truck yet and stuck in Lachine. And I asked to be delivered to my office… so can’t later than 5pm… For me there’s a chance…. but I’m sorry to hear to all of you in the Atlantic 🙁

  • I don’t really agree… UPS should know better (It’s their business) than having a large shipment will take time to process by Customs. And instead of holding the package to Louisville, KY for 3 days, why not to send it to a closer warehouse and clear Custom then…. and hold it after.

  • poopchute

    I got mine at work at 10:00 this morning from UPS. I haven’t done a single second of work since.

  • Wow, early delivery. I’m hoping my UPS guy comes to our place first this morning.

  • poopchute

    I just did my first speed test on Rogers’ network.
    92mbps down, 34mbps up!

  • AndreTen

    Just got mine, hope everyone gets theirs soon.

  • Andrew

    Yeah, this is bull shit. I got mine pushed back to Monday due to import scan. I AN IN ZONE 1!!!!

  • naablet

    Have two iphone 6s’ out for delivery today… one is suppose to be coming before 3 pm EST and the other “by the end of the day”

  • Where r u ?

  • Andrew

    vancouver bc

  • Thanks UPS to screw iPhones shippings in Montreal and so….My iPhone sat in UPS warehouse for 3 days in Louisville.

    At 2pm, it still say being deliver for today but… still not in the truck yet and stuck in Lachine Warehouse. So I did call UPS… Well, UPS blame the Canadian Custom who took too much time this morning and will be deliver Monday … But how hard is to put box in a truck and deliver it to a place 15 min away from your warehouse ?

  • I ordered it with TELUS first night of pre-orders. They waited until this morning to tell me shipping and tracking information, and looks like I’ll get it delivered today, on launch day. Pretty good. I’m in Vancouver.

  • Getting mine in the mail today as well from Telus

  • Mzbatman

    Anyone getting deliveries from FedEx?
    I’m on Vancouver, they tried to deliver @ 10am…but didn’t leave with concierge like they said they would.
    BUT I called and can pick it up at Richmond depot later today. They are open til 8pm tonight.

  • Julien Rosen

    So did I, no notification no delivery.

  • joe

    I was told a completely different story. Apparently they cleared customs in Louisville 2 days ago. I was like Canadian customs? they were like yeah it looks like that.