iPhone 6s Pre-Orders ‘Preparing for Shipment’ in Canada


Did you pre-order an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus? Some orders made in Canada have started to move into the next ‘Preparing for Shipment’ phase, which means orders can no longer be cancelled. iPhone in Canada reader Jason shared with us his pre-order, which has now moved into this next phase:

Iphone 6s preparing shipment

If you were lucky enough to have an estimated arrival date of ‘Delivers 25/9 to 29/9’, and you live within a Zone 1 delivery area, your order should arrive on launch day. Apple suggests you visit this page to find out you estimated arrival date.

What’s the status of your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus pre-order? Our status hasn’t changed yet, but we expect it to shortly.

Thanks Mohammed


  • Ray

    I have “Delivers 25/9 to 29/9” as my ship date and I live in the GTA so well within Zone 1 and also checked my postal code and says September 25. My status is still processing however and not Preparing for Shipment…yet. I ordered 128GB, 6s Plus, Space Grey.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    I live in Brampton Ontario. It’s GTA. Ordered one iPhone 6S Rose Gold 64 gb delivers Sep 25. And iPhone 6S Plus 54 gb Gold says will deliver Sep 25-29. But status still showing “Processing ” on both.

  • Jack

    Preparing for shipment!

  • MGSayah

    I have “Delivers 25/9 to 29/9”, I ordered the iPhone 6S Plus 128gb Gold and it says “Preparing for Shipment”. So pumped! One more week…

  • Let the countdown begin…

  • joe

    Got charged but still processing…

  • Peter Mikhail

    Got an email from apple yesterday (Sept 17th at 12 PM PST) that they tried to charge my card and got declined!!! Called capital one and they said my card was compromised and they will send me a new one! Had to enter another card for apple to use. The order is still processing!

  • poopchute

    25th for me. Woohoo!

  • T33BS

    iPhone 6S (non-plus) can be shipped by the 25th-29th. And that’s for people who haven’t even ordered yet! That’s not very Apple-like.

  • Zeke

    iPhone 6s Space Grey 64GB can still be reserved for pickup on Sept 25 11am at Apple Store Mansonville London Ontario. I just checked.

  • Probably because 2 weeks for preordering new iPhones gives more time to Apple to get more stock too…

  • xxxJDxxx

    Considering cancelling my order for a 64gb and ordering a 128gb instead. Wonder if it would still ship in time for launch day.

  • Josh

    i have the 25th to 29th delivery date but it still says preparing for shipment 🙁

  • Patience young grasshopper