iPhone 6s Reserve & Pick Up Live in Canada for Unlocked or Contracts


Okay, looks like Reserve & Pick Up is an option for iPhone 6s pre-orders. Start your order through the Apple Store iOS app (or website), select your model, colour and capacity. Once you’ve done that, a link appears that says “Check reservation availability”—click this and it will direct you to Safari to set your Reserve & Pick Up for the model configuration you just chose:

IMG 0295

The link on the web shows the following, where you’ll get to select the Apple Retail Store of your choosing:

Screenshot 2015 09 12 00 16 42

After you click ‘Continue’ you’ll be asked to sign in to pick up in-store. If you have two-step verification, it’ll ask you to verify your identity.

Next, you’ll be asked to seek what reservation you want, from either an unlocked iPhone 6s or one with your carrier. Looks like Apple has added the carrier option this time around. Once you verify your contact info, click ‘Confirm Reservation’ and you’re all set!

Screenshot 2015 09 12 00 23 14

If you were able to reserve a device, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get one when you’re notified to pick it up. Also, you’ll be able to wait in a separate line on launch day.

Let us know if you were able to setup a Reserve & Pick Up for your iPhone 6s!


  • Kelvin Tang

    Not 6s+ for Ottawa… Only a few cities.. odd

  • faythebest

    Thanks Gary, you guys are always the best. The pre-order thing was pretty smooth this time.

  • James

    Thanks IPIC easiest and fastest pre-order yet, got mines ip6S 128 gb will be the one of the first to get it at Fairview mall 🙂 got em..!

  • jef-FRY

    Cant get the page to load after i sign in!!

  • koenning

    i reserved mine in store using the apple app but i selected carrier and not unlocked it shows full price 1k$ but last year i was able to upgrade and pay right the carrier upgrade price and not the full apple price.

  • Pedrogamer

    Anyone know how to reserve with Rogers? I’m trying various ways and nothing is showing iPhone 6s?

  • Jessica

    I’m so happy to see that. I was kinda worried about what i had done. Was not my plan to pay the 1k. Just the upgrade amount through my carrier. Usually I reserve with my carrier but Rogers is slow.

  • Jessica

    I was hoping the reservation would go live an hour ago. Seems it hasn’t. I had no luck. Just reserved in store with the apple app. You can choose a phone with carrier.

  • Jessica

    Had I not found your site, I would’ve been sitting refreshing my rogers reservation page for the next hours lol. Thanks for all the tips!!

  • matt

    iphone 6s rose gold 64 gb reserved for pickup at pacific centre 🙂 thanks guys!!!

  • Cheers! 🙂

  • Well done James. Yes, seems like lots of initial stock this time around!

  • Cheers Jessica 🙂

  • Ordered the same thing! Nice work

  • Gordon

    Got my in-store pick up reserved for 8AM at metrotown. Looks like Rose Gold was first to go this year

  • Pedrogamer

    So you reserved one through apple’s website? I tried it but was only given unlocked sim-free option. 🙁

    I really need this phone as my iPhone 5 needs replacing.

  • lawrencec

    So if I reserved to pick up in store, locked with contract, I’ll pay the contract pricing, right? (ie. $528.99 for 6s 64gb)

  • Tony V

    Can anyone confirm that we can get the lower contract pricing when picking up at the Apple Store?

  • Jessica

    I’m in the same situation. My 5 is on it’s lady legs. Not sure why there’s only the unlocked SIM option. When I did it, it looked just like Gary’s screen shots. Unlocked or iPhone with carrier.

  • I got it at the Bayshore Shopping Centre. (reserve and pickup)

  • Themacbear

    Ordered a 6s Plus 128g in Rose Gold, minutes after the store went live. In the time it took to process my credit card, shipping slipped to 2-3 weeks! Damn. Then I saw the reserve in store option and was able to secure the same model at the Waterloo, Ontario store for launch day. Yay!

  • pokebleach13

    Reserved me self a 64gb black 6s I picked at a pretty late time like 7:30

  • DaveMcG

    First year they have done it so can’t say for sure but it would make sense.