iPhone 6s Reserve and Pick Up is Available Again in Canada


Apple kicked off Reserve and Pick Up for the iPhone 6s when pre-orders launched, which allowed customers to hold the device of their choice to be picked up at their nearest Apple Store, bypassing lines on launch day. The service was unavailable leading into this week’s launch, but reopened this morning at 8AM local time.

How to reserve an iPhone 6s for pick up? You can do so online at or within the Apple Store iOS app.

On, just select the model you want, colour and capacity. Then scroll down and click on “Reserve to buy in store”, below Add to Bag:

Iphone 6s reserve pick up

You’ll be taken to a new browser tab which will allow you to choose a store for pick up, if the model is available. As you can see below, the 64GB iPhone 6s Plus in Rose Gold is unavailable:

Screenshot 2015 09 26 08 45 13

Within the Apple Store iOS app, once you’ve chosen your model, click on “Check reservation availability” and it’ll open up Safari and allow you to reserve if available.

Unlike previous years when users could just visit Apple’s Reserve and Pick Up page to hold a model, this time around you must go through the buying process, which generates a unique link for each product.

Let us know if you were able to see Reserve and Pick Up stock this morning, and whether you were able to hold one for pick up!


  • kabsalsa

    I was able to reserve quite easily this morning at square one. It’s a bit of a wait in the reserve line at the Apple Store….

  • Nice. What did you reserve? How was the line moving?

  • klam_chowder

    We upgraded and bought 2 6S+ (64 – one gold, one silver) via a hold at Ottawa’s Bayshore. Easy peasy especially since our pre-ordered ones were to arrive Oct 27!

  • klam_chowder

    Meant to add…appreciate this site! And I was refreshing just before 8am when only Halifax had inventory, then soon afterwards there seemed like there was a lot of units available across Canada. After we set ours up, we cancelled our pre-order.

  • Nice work! and thanks for reading 🙂

  • DaveMcG

    Just for kicks I searched for the most common model, 64GB space gray non plus. I would be able to go to either Edmonton Apple Store in 20 mins to grab a phone if I wanted. So much more civilized this way.

  • There were People at Pacific Centre practically all day wait in line for one today; luckily i got mine day 1

  • Bryan

    where u get this info? i thought rose gold 64 was

  • DaveMcG

    I said common, not popular. 64GB space gray was available for day 1 delivery the longest and was available for day 1 in store pickup right until Wednesday before launch. I’d say that is the most commonly produced model if it stayed in stock that long.

  • jay

    When did you guys go?

  • jay

    Pretty sure there are not so many people willing to pay so much money