Will Canada Have iPhone 6s Reserve and Pick Up Online Again?


Last year, during the hoopla of midnight iPhone 6 pre-orders which wreaked havoc on Apple’s website, the company’s Reserve and Pick Up page went live and actually worked for some customers.

Reserve and Pick Up allows customers to choose their preferred model, then pick it up at their local Apple Store. Some customers were able to ‘change their minds’ at pick up and sign a contract with Rogers, TELUS and Bell instead of purchasing outright. This allowed some to get the devices faster than waiting outside ‘Big 3’ retail stores or dealing with long reservation wait times. Two-year contract iPhone 6s pricing for Rogers and Bell was revealed this morning.

The URL for Apple Canada’s Reserve and Pick Up page (bookmark this for later!) currently sits as a placeholder with the following “We’re sorry, but this service is currently unavailable” message. But it does have Apple’s iPhone 6s pictured, which hints it could come back this year (tonight).

Iphone 6s reserve and pickup

The best way to pre-order your unlocked iPhone 6s from Apple tonight is to use the company’s Apple Store iOS app, as it goes live faster than Apple’s online store, plus the checkout process is much easier.

We’ve reached out to Apple Canada for confirmation and will update this post shortly.

Thanks @nicolasLGA


  • Sly

    Thanks Gary.

    While the iOS Apple store app may be the fastest way, this method is for those who prefer having it shipped. I would rather use the reserve and pickup so I am guaranteed to get it on launch day at the pickup time of my choosing.

  • It’s always good to have options…. I remember last year with my iPhone 6plus…. it was so slow… and crashed… while the apps was not working well and site too, to buy the new iPhone…. the reserve and pick-up was the only working solution….

    So for tonight…. be prepared for all possibilities 🙂

  • AEdouard

    I think you can use the app for reserve and pick up, no? I’d like to have confirmation on this. Well, at least how it was done last year.

  • I talked with Telus and pre-orders will also be at 12am pacific time tonight on their website. Going with them because of T-Up! program.

  • Nice! We just posted their 2-year contract pricing too.

  • BW

    Checked Apple canada web site and Reserve for Pickup for 6s Plus is not available yet. Any ideas as to when this will be available?

    Thank you.

  • Read here:…/iphone-6s-reserve-pickup-2

  • BW

    Thanks Gary. I was looking for 64gb Space Grey iPhone 6s Plus. Unfortunately it says the item is not available. Seems odd that at this point they would not allow you to reserve. You know if that will change closer to Sept 25th. I thought the stores are well stocked for release day. Pre-orders are shipping October 14th now for plus SG.