Apple iPhone 6s ‘Unexpected Shutdown’ Program Adds Serial Number Checker


After launching a repair program for some iPhone 6s users experiencing unexpected shutdowns, Apple has finally added a serial number checker to the program page, making it much easier for customers to check whether their device is eligible for a free battery replacement (via MacRumors).

Iphone 6s program shutdown issues

Previously, users were able to self-determine if their device was eligible by checking the 4th and 5th characters in their device serial number, by going to Settings > General > About. Eligible devices should see the following characters in their serial numbers:


Apple’s program says if existing users had already paid for a battery replacement, the company will refund the cost.

You can click here to check out the iPhone 6s repair page and check if your serial is eligible or not.


  • Ahmed Ali

    So I have a 6s Plus – my serial number has QC in it so apparently qualifies under the old method, but the new tool says I’m not eligible. Is this limited to 6s 4.7inch and not 6s Plus?

  • Dominic

    It sucks cause they seem to b really back ordered as mine still hasn’t come in yet and I’ve made the order last week

  • rvs007

    The recall is only for iPhone 6S (4.7″) phones. But if you are experiencing the same problem, go into an Apple store and have them check it out.

  • Brew

    Oh so mine S# number is there!!!
    Yes they were out of Batteries on Sunday but got call today , part was in , 4 day sooner than estimate

  • I’m a little pissed at Apple at the moment.
    We made an appointment to have my wife’s phone change, we had to schedule it a week in advance. So a week later we go to the appointment for them to tell us they have no iPhone 6s in stock, we have to come back another time.

    I got pissed and bitched them out saying, “you’re seriously telling me you don’t have a phone ready, isn’t that what the appointment is for?” They knew why we were coming, they knew it was for the battery issue, but they failed to notify us before going that we wouldn’t be helped. Kinda bugged me because it takes an hour and a half to travel there.

    Wife said, “give me free upgrade to iPhone 7 then” of course they didn’t even entertain the idea, it was more of a wishful thought on her part lol

  • montymon

    I have an iPhone 6. I’ve been experiencing strange shutdowns while around 50% power down to 15%. Plug it in, it starts off showing the dead battery, then starts up showing 1 or 2% and suddenly jumps to over 60%. Sometimes it’ll restart without plugging in, shows 1% available and runs for hours. I can’t say for sure, but it started after the last iOS update.

    But iPhone 6 aren’t being repaired?

  • BB BB

    ever since iOS 10.1.1 my battery has been on the fritz, draining as much as 80% in 2 hours usage. You can literally see the percentage tick downwards like a timer. #draingate

  • BB BB

    yup i have spinned many wheels with Apple Genius telling me to watch the health of my less than a year old iphone like its an old senior citizen and frail and turn off everything I never had to do before with any previous generation iPhone. It ultimately depends on the store and some are better than others but I have a feeling with the “lack” of support and “Run Around” going on compared to the past, their policies have changed. My phone was going to be replaced, then some lame excuse not to change it was made probably when like you he realized there wasn’t any stock.

  • Yeah maybe. My wife’s phone is part of Apple’s replacement program they got going on, so she already qualifies and they’ve acknowledged it, but the fact they made an appointment with me and didn’t have the phone to replace it with. You figure that’s why the appointment, so they have time to prepare or whatever.

  • Sara

    My phone is eligible but I haven’t experienced the problem with it. Should I still have them change the battery?

  • Cornfed710

    You have 3 years from date of purchase. I’d definitely wait.

  • KIII

    Not just 6S ????????

    Since the update to 10.1.1 my 5s has been stuck with this “early shutdown” issue. There is more to this than hardware production aspects.

    Dear Apple,

    The only service in my city is a “Premier Apple Reseller” who would like $200 for a battery replacement over a situation that developed after updating your software.

    Any suggestions welcome.

  • Calvin Wang

    Same thing happened to me. I first tried calling Apple telephone customer service, but the rep couldn’t book an appointment for me at a Genius Bar because all appointments for the week filled up and they don’t have access to booking more than a week ahead. So they said I could mail my phone in (which means not having use of a phone for 4-5 business days).

    Finally was able to book a Genius Bar appointment myself for this weekend. Tried calling in ahead to confirm they would have a battery available but couldn’t get through to the store. Showed up and got the “we have to order a battery for you” spiel. I explain that when I booked the appointment I explicitly described the battery issue and mine was an affected serial number. Explained that my job requires me to have access to cellphone 24 hrs in case of emergencies (eg operating on someone at 2am, or straightening a broken limb in ER) when I am oncall.

    First they asked me to just leave the phone plugged in (doesn’t work since I have to walk around the hospital ER, surgical ward, cast clinic, and OR theatres, not just sitting at a desk all day). Then suggested I buy a battery case.

    Given my disappointment with the new “MBP pro” (over priced and need to carry multiple dongles) this is starting to make me doubt my consumer loyalty to apple products.