First iPhone 6s Pre-Orders Shipping: Find UPS Tracking Here


Just the other day we told you iPhone 6s pre-orders in Canada started to move into the next ‘Preparing for Shipment’ phase, and now we’re seeing some orders starting to make their way over from Asia.

iPhone in Canada reader Mohammed shared with us his iPhone 6s tracking details, which note his pre-order has left Shenzhen, China, and is slowly making its way to North America.

Iphone 6s shipping

Now here’s a new trick you may not know about to get your tracking number from UPS. For those registered accounts via the company’s (free) My Choice service, it details tracking numbers, plus shipping arrival dates and times, usually before companies even notify you, since your address is in the system. In Mohammed’s case, he was able to track his iPhone 6s pre-order before Apple has even sent him the tracking number.

We similarly have a UPS My Choice account, which is convenient if you’re a serial online shopper. With your address on file, UPS matches deliveries set to arrive at your destination. As you can see below we had quite a few Amazon Prime packages delivered lately (if you’re curious, nothing very exciting: just diapers and some other secret items):

Screenshot 2015 09 19 20 59 12

If you don’t have a UPS My Choice account, you can still try identifying your iPhone 6s tracking number by using the traditional method of tracking a package by reference. In this case, your cellphone number associated with your iPhone 6s order.

Our order still is still in the “Processing Items” stage, so nothing shows up. But you can try this method with your “Preparing for Shipment” order, and let us know if anything shows up.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to, click on the TRACKING tab:

Screenshot 2015 09 19 21 02 06

2. Click on track a package by REFERENCE. Enter in your phone number (no dashes). Enter the shipment date range to include 9/25/2015. For destination country, it should be Canada (not Afghanistan, silly). Click ‘Track’ and see what happens:

Screenshot 2015 09 19 21 31 43

This method usually works if your item is in the ‘Preparing for Shipment’ phase or has shipped but a company has not emailed you a tracking number.

Again, if your estimated iPhone 6s delivery date shows ‘Delivers 25/9 to 29/9’, and you live in a Zone 1 delivery area, you should receive your order on the September 25 launch day, unless there’s a UPS delay. Apple says to check out this link to find your estimated arrival date.

Let us know if you’re able to find out your tracking number. Has your iPhone 6s shipped yet?


  • Ray

    Got my order confirmation email at 3:06AM EST on preorder day and my status is still “Processing Items”, with a delivery date of 25/9-29/9 and I am in Zone 1. Order status has not changed at all yet though, so not sure what to think. Patience I suppose, but I see a lot of other people in my area who are already tracking their shipments. This is only the second time I have ever ordered on preorder day (iPhone 5 was first). That shipment gave me strange updates and arrived at my door at 7:30PM on launch day, but the tracking was still in the USA. We will see.

  • Jay

    Thanks Gary! Was able to get my tracking number, but it is in the same boat as Mohammed’s packages. Still in China… for now 🙂

  • Awesome 🙂

  • Hi Ray, I’d say you’re 99.9% sure to get it on launch day, pending some sort of UPS collapse on the 25th (they usually are slammed). Apple will delay shipping status updates until the last minute, as usual.

  • Sam

    Credit Card Charged, however status still is Processing Items > Delivers: 25/9-29/9 by Standard Shipping… Just want to see that Preparing for Shipment status would give me more relief haha!

  • Kary

    Did anyone get their estimated delivery date pushed back? When i ordered, it said oct1 – 7 (didnt have the app…. darn website crashed) and now it shows oct 7-14 🙁

  • Dan

    Just got email from bell about my Virgin iPhone 6s order: Delivery Confirmation for your order number. Seems the tracking numbers (4001**5010****) are from Canada post. Mine could be shipping from Canadian warehouse.

  • Jerry


  • brian

    Ordered Space Gray 64gb 6s first minute, item still processing. Anyone facing the same issue?

  • disqus_MgNZdGvnX4

    Ordered space gray 128gb 6s within the first hour and item is also still processing.

  • Ray

    Finally Preparing for Shipment. woo hoo! Now wait…again. We all wait in stages Haha!

  • Pat

    The trick no fonction for me.

  • Edge

    Mine still says preparing for shipment, and although my credit card hasn’t yet been charged, I received an invoice email Apple this morning (different than anything I’ve ever seen from Apple). Using the “Sales Order” number (only on the French copy of the invoice), I went to the UPS and put that number in the reference field for track by reference. It’s showing shipped and arrival by Friday the 25th (even though Apple estimated an arrival of the 28th) due to it being a smaller town. This was for a 64 GB silver 6S Plus.

  • mzbatman

    I pre ordered on the 14th @ 2pm….it shows my delivery date of 25/9-29/9
    Do you think I will get it on launch day??

  • Where do you live? You should if you live in zone 1, which is essentially major cities in Canada

  • mzbatman

    (I’m in Vancouver)

  • Yes you should be good to go for launch day, pending a UPS delay.

  • mzbatman

    Cool thanks Gary

  • dvdung1997

    the first time I checked my Order Status for my iPhone 6s Plus 16GB Space Grey was at 0900 today, and it’s still “Processing Item”
    then on 1500 I checked again since I was between class. And to my surprise it’s “Preparing for Shipment” now. But at the UPS page. I couldn’t find anything
    and finally, at 2100 sharp, I tried the UPS website again. And voilà, my shipment appeared. Well only the label was created so far but that’s still great news
    so to summarise, all the information Gary provided in his post are correct and accessible. If you can’t find your tracking detail then it’s because of UPS not yet finished creating your label so there aren’t any delivery with your information on it. Just sit back, relax and look forward to 25th September if you are eligible. Apple had promised you that you will get your iPhone by then, and they will keep that promise regardless
    a big thank you to Gary and the whole team who has dedicated their time and effort to support every iPhone enthusiasts like me out there. I’m a first-year student at UBC, and to me everything in Canada is all so new and strange. But thanks to this website, ordering an iPhone for launch day delivery will no longer be new and strange to me

  • Awesome, glad we were able to help! 🙂 Welcome to Canada and hope you’re enjoying Vancouver and UBC!

  • dvdung1997

    I’m still trying to cope with the fact that I’m really here in Vancouver, attending UBC, and that this won’t be a dream in which I can wake up at any time and find myself in my old bedroom. But at the same time, I’m also trying out all the best that Vancouver and UBC have to offer. Thanks Gary. Hope this website will continue to grow

  • Pat

    My iPhone 6s is preparing for shippement since friday, no tracking to UPS and no card debit. Someone have idea ?

  • John

    this is where they are now…
    Still says “preparing for shipment” in the Apple order status.

  • J

    For me it shows 2 trackings (I ordered 3 phones) one is already in KY United States and the other is still in China. However, both show delivery sep 25

  • JP Prewitt

    Anyone order a 6s Plus see any movement or tracking changes? Ordered a pink 64GB 6s for my wife at 00:05, and it’s tracking nicely out of ZhengZhou, but my silver 64 GB 6s Plus ordered at 00:07 shows diddly on UPS. Neither have budged on Apple, and credit card only charged for the 6s.

  • ChochiWpg

    I ordered within the first 15mins of the pre order going live. Ordered the 64GB 6S Space Grey. My order has been in the Preparing for Shipment stage since last Thursday with a delivery date of Sept 25th to 29th. My credit card showed a payment pending from Apple, but it has since disappeared and has not been posted. Not sure why because I have sufficient funds available. Tried this trick and I get the error “UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request. Verify your information and try again.”

    So I am not sure where my package is at the moment. I live in Winnipeg is that considered Zone 1? Do you think I will be getting the phone on the 25th? Thanks

  • JP Prewitt

    Looks like some are shipping from the US directly, hence the later invoicing. My 6s Plus (ordered 7 minutes in) just cleared my credit card. Nothing on UPS yet. But ships from California. So I’m hopeful it’ll show up on Friday.

  • ChochiWpg

    Thanks, I guess I will keep checking in periodically throughout the day on and on my mastercard online transactions to see if there are any changes.

  • Winnipeg is considered zone 1, you should get your phone by Friday. Apple delays shipping updates until the last minute, you’ll see action on Thursday. If nothing updates then, I’d be worried but for now if I were you I’d expect it on Friday, pending a UPS delay.

  • ChochiWpg

    Great, thanks for the prompt reply Gary, much appreciated.

  • Pat

    Gary you have idea

  • where are you located? what’s your delivery date estimate?

  • JP Prewitt

    Might not be accurate to say that ships from US – my wife’s phone had the same language on her shipping notice, but tracked out of China. Sorry! Still hopeful though.

  • Pat

    Québec 25-29 sept

  • You should be good to go for Friday if you’re in a major city within the province. Wait until late Thursday for any real shipment updates to happen.

  • Sid

    Thanks for article Gary. I was able to track mine. It reached Louisville, KY. On track for 25th delivery. Thanks

  • Cheers! great news.

  • Steve

    Exactly the same situation here. Received invoice this morning which says it’s shipped from California. Nothing on UPS.

  • Ray

    My phone has finally arrived in North America. Scheduled out of Anchorage to Louisville in about 1 hour and then from there to Hamilton, Ontario at 4:30AM, arriving just before 6:00AM on the 24th. Out for delivery the next day to me! I have been running an HTC Windows Phone since I sold my iPhone 6 Plus and am going crazy. Need my 6s Plus! haha

  • Windows Phone?! Your 6s can’t come soon enough 😉

  • UPS is showing our order has reached Alaska.

  • Aman

    My iPhone 6s is preparing for shippement since Friday evening no tracking number still and apple still hasn’t sent out an email. I live in Edmonton Alberta. Anyone have any idea?

  • Shaarujon

    Same with me, i orders a 6S since Thursday I’m preparing fro shipment with nothing given to me, i believe that they will be doing it overnight on Thursday shipping from somewhere close by and not from china so don’t be alarmed we should get an email tomorrow at the latest

  • GhostGrifter

    Edmonton too. Phone is still preparing for shipment. Got my AppleCare+ notification. I at least know my serial number 😉

  • Steve

    Thanks for the reply. Just searched ups again, and this is really interesting – “A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status–including the scheduled delivery date–will be updated.” Come on…. I live in Toronto

  • Pat

    Good news now to be able to track with reference on UPS site.

  • Excellent!

  • Sandra Hadley

    When I look at my ups choice app it says shipping label made and something about Louisville ky been this way since Monday possibly being held there till over night to Chicago ups

  • Sandra Hadley

    Been this way since Monday ????????????

  • JP Prewitt

    Same here. UPS label now created. Heading to Calgary. Wife’s phone is in Louisville. No known location for mine yet. Hopefully makes it on Friday!

  • JP Prewitt

    Actually, something interesting – wife’s phone shipped from AI (assuming Apple International) from “CGO, CN” on Sept 21 (I’m assuming ZhengZhou, China), according to the UPS page; mine shipped today, but the sender is listed as AI Burlington. So I’m pretty confident everything is going to work out. Have a look on the right hand side of the page where it says that your label has been created. Tracking might start in Canada. See screenshots below.

  • Steve

    hmmm in my case there is only “To: Toronto, ON, CA”, no information on “From” provided. And it’s shipped by UPS Express Saver which supposedly means next day delivery.. but the label is created on 09/21

  • ChochiWpg

    Tried again this evening to track my package on UPS and was able to obtain a tracking number. Only information it gives me is that a label was created on Sept 21st. Nothing has happened since then. Still good for the 25th you think?

  • I don’t want to set any expectations, but based on my pre-orders in the past, I would say yes. I’m located in Victoria on Vancouver Island, which is an extra trip for UPS and I still have always received my items on launch day.

  • Kinza

    Hi Gary I preordered the 26th and on the 20th I got a tracking number , so far it only states label created with shipping estimate for the 25th launch day!!

  • Kinza

    I mean the 16th

  • ChochiWpg

    Fair enough thanks again for your prompt response. Only 1 more day to wait. Peace

  • dvdung1997

    yippee! In the middle of the night and my iPhone 6s Plus 16GB Space Grey has reached Louisville. Also, Apple was really kind to notify me immediately about my tracking number via mail. At long last!

    and uh Gary how can one pre-sign for delivery? I have classes from 0930 to 1100 and then from 1600 to 1700. If the UPS delivery truck arrive at any of those time then I suspect they won’t accept my campus Front Desk attendant’s signature for it. Also I read the instruction and it says that I can begin by pressing the “Pre-Sign for Delivery” button but I can’t seem to find it anywhere

  • mzbatman

    Got my shipping notification from Apple. Shipping to me in Vancouver BC via FedEX. It’s in transit in Memphis, estimated Friday before 12pm!

  • Pat

    I receve my iPhone tomorow.