Apple Launches Official Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s



Apple has today quietly launched a new iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case that will extend the device’s talk time by up to 25 hours, and internet use with up to 18 hours on LTE. The battery case looks like the silicone case Apple offers for these devices, but the first thing you’ll notice is that the case has a noticeable bump (via Pocket-Lint).

This is the first official battery case designed by Apple and is available in Charcoal Grey and White. The case retails for $129 (CAD) which compares to $99 (US) and is available to ship in 1-3 business days with free shipping, although you can also pick it up at an Apple Store.

The Smart Battery Case incorporates a 1,877 mAh battery pack, which doesn’t necessarily look good when compared to competing cases such as the Incipio Offgrid Express ($80), or the Mophie Juice Pack Air ($120), which pack a 3,000 mAh and 2,750 mAh battery respectively.

When using the Smart Battery Case, you’ll see exactly how much juice has left thanks to the intelligent battery status displayed on the iPhone lock screen and Notification Centre. The case is compatible with Lightning accessories, and works with the iPhone Lightning Dock.


The Verge has had the opportunity to test it, and the verdict isn’t exactly positive. While the case feels good in the hand, they are unimpressed with that bump on the back.

Will nab yourself one or choose from the available third-party battery cases?


  • mxmgodin

    I can’t wrap around my head how ugly this thing is…

  • poopchute

    I did a double-take look at the calendar.
    Now I have to keep reminding myself, it’s not April 1st – it must be real.

  • poopchute

    If the case included inductive charging, it would sell for sure. But as it is…….man-o-man.

  • MikeJenkinson

    All things considered, it’s fine. The price is what you’d pay for a Zagg or iFrogs style charger PLUS a standard iPhone case anyway. If I were getting a new iPhone, I’d actually consider picking one of those up. It would come in very handy on vacation when I otherwise carry my Zagg charger in my little knapsack for quick power boosts.

  • Alejandro Moreno

    Same case without the logo on ebay costs 12, and probably made on the same factory 🙂 I am a fan, but this price is outrageous

  • poopchute


  • KIII

    .And for their first battery cases Apple went to Disney concept artists it’s called the Quasimodo.

    “it’s the thinnest model yet so if you want a decent battery we have also a new hunchback case coming out “

  • KIII

    This does include seductive charging it’s the first case pregnant with a new battery.

  • MleB1

    When a small, pocketable 2800 mAh external backup battery can be easily found at your favourite retailer for under $30, for companies like Mophie – and now Apple – to charge what they do is crazy.
    In my case, I wandered into an electronics store in Toronto and picked up a generic, rubberized finished, bi-fold style (‘leather’ flap covering screen) 2800 mAh case/battery at $35 for my iPhone 6. No probs at all, and a darn sight more attractive than Apple’s effort.

  • Ashley Mann

    I abdolutely love it. <- check out my spelling. Im so excited to order the Apple battery case i cant spell right and I cant be bothered to correct it! : ) Order is going in now. Finally i will get a full day guaranteed on my 6s.

  • Mac

    I can’t decide if you’re serious or sarcastic….

  • Matric

    Man, once Steve jobs died Apples hardware took a bad turn. Color Iphone case with holes in it that show parts of the name iphone, Terrible. Iphone 6 with protruding camera, terrible. This thing.. terrible. This stuff would never fly with Jobs around.

  • OliChabot

    Is it just me that thinks its ridiculous to buy a case for 130$ to make sure you make it through the day because Apple make their phones so thin the battery cannot last the customer’s usage. Just male the phone thick enough to give us a full 10-15hrs of battery and I’ll be happier than having a thinny phone and I need to charge twice a day.

  • This case design was quite the surprise to wake up to this morning. You would have thought their tapered cell design utilized in the new MacBook would have been applied to a battery case.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    If Apple had just made the iPhone 6 slightly thicker – just enough so the camera lens didn’t protrude, the extra battery life could be inside the phone where it belongs. It would have the added benefit of allowing the iPhone 6 to lie flat on a table instead of wobbling due to the lens poking out and would probably have prevented bend-gate as well. But can see why they did it – smaller battery means cheaper to make means more short-term profit. Selling a battery case means more short-term profit. The user no longer comes first at Apple. This way of thinking will affect them negatively in the long run.

  • I’m already missing Mophie’s Black Friday…

  • Léon

    This is just stupid. Very unApple like. As if 6s pregnant with iPhone 4 went scuba diving. If Apple added just 1mm to the thickness of the phone to accommodate the larger battery in the first place, that would have increased its capacity by roughly 50%, it would have fixed that ugly protruding camera ring and it would spare us this abomination.

  • Nabil Maadarani

    This looks like a pregnant iPhone…

  • sukisszoze

    Hmm..did Jon Ive even know about this case getting made..??