Apple Launches iPhone 6s ‘Unexpected Shutdown’ Fix Program


Apple tonight has launched (via MacRumors) a new program to address iPhone 6s “unexpected shutdown issues”, a problem which has plagued many users—and is “not a safety issue”, explains the company.

Iphone 6s unexpected shutdown fix

According to Apple, the problem is only associated with a “very small” number of devices, detailing “a limited serial number range that were manufactured between September and October 2015.”

If your iPhone 6s is suffering from this unexpected shutdown issue, Apple says they will fix it free of charge, which comes in the form of a battery replacement.

You will need to visit an Apple Retail Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider, where you will have your serial number cross referenced to see if you are eligible for the free fix.

You can also contact Apple Technical Support online or by the phone; wireless carrier partners are not participating in this program.

Apple says if you paid to have your iPhone 6s battery replaced, contact them for a refund, while the program “covers affected iPhone 6s batteries for 3 years after the first retail sale of the unit.”

Last week, Apple launched a similar replacement program for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s users in China. Many Canadians commented they were experiencing similar issues. Now it appears Apple has stepped up to address the issue worldwide, but it’s only for the iPhone 6s.

It’s been a wild week for Apple, as they also issued a repair program for iPhone 6 ‘touch disease’, which will cost Canadians $189 to fix their displays.

Are you going to jump on this repair program for iPhone 6s batteries shutting down unexpectedly?


  • iRule

    This is great, except that they don’t have an online tool so that we can check the serial number without having to go to an Apple Store.

  • Smarty

    what about my 6, it has the same issue…

  • BardielXIII

    Definitely will. Begrudgingly got used to this at the 40-50% range starting back in March, but with it getting obnoxious with shutdowns happening at 67% sometimes now?! Gonna replace the battery on my i6S, box it as a backup; and look at the something from the Xperia line for a change of pace.

  • montymon

    Mine too.

  • sunlife8

    Really hope they expand this program to the iPhone 6…I’m having the exact same issue.

  • Dehop

    Definitely will. Though, will maybe wait til after the included Applecare is over… so I have a totally new and fresh battery for the second year.

  • KS

    Mine as well!

  • Si2k78

    My thought exactly. They normally allow you to check before bringing it into the store.

  • Cornfed710

    I hate this, I have this problem on a 6 and 6s wish I could just check online.

  • Russell Porter

    Just went though the process with my wife’s phone. They are shipping out a express replacement. Process was pretty simple. They did a remote diag while I was on the phone, confirmed the phone was eligible and away to the races.

  • Yikes, so your wife is without a phone until it returns?
    I figured they could do battery replacements in store.

  • Awesome!
    Thanks, I’ll make sure my wife’s phone gets fixed ASAP.

  • Russell Porter

    They can but there is no store near my location.

  • Ah! Gotcha.
    I was really hoping they weren’t going to send my wife’s phone away for repair.

  • Geoff Larsen

    Mine also. 6+ purchased July 2015 so don’t know when manufactured

  • tcatcrb

    I’m having the same issue with my 6. I’ve already taken it in to a store once last summer but was told there was nothing wrong with the battery. At least now I have other cases to refer too with the same problem

  • Tiffany Anita Siu

    Have this problem for a few months and thought it was just ME!!!! Hopefully I can still take it in!!!