‘iPhone 7’ to Start with 32GB of Storage, Finally Ditch 16GB: WSJ


Tired of seeing 16GB as the minimum storage option for iPhones? Well, that is going to change with ‘iPhone 7’, according to sources speaking with Joanna Stern, reporting for the Wall Street Journal:

Instead of 16GB as a starting point for the entry-level iPhone, the new starting point will be 32GB, according to a person familiar with Apple’s iPhone plans.

iPhone 7 render by Martin Hajek

When Apple launched the iPhone 6s last fall, many thought the 16GB entry storage tier would disappear, especially with the debut of 4K video recording, but that did not happen.

With memory becoming cheaper over the years, it always confused Apple customers why 16GB was the default storage size, especially when most Android competitors would ship with 32GB to start.

The iPhone 6s saw its entry storage size at 16GB, with the next tier at 64GB, a massive jump seen by many as an upsell tactic by Apple, to get customers to spend about $100 more to get four-times the storage.

Back in May, a previous report by Kevin Wang, the Director of Market Research at IHS Technology, claimed supply sources said the next iPhone would start with 32GB of storage.

Apple’s next ‘iPhone 7’ is said to debut with the company’s next generation A10 processor, ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack and have improved cameras, in a similar design as the iPhone 6s, expected to be announced this fall.

Are you happy to hear 32GB will be the entry storage point for ‘iPhone 7’?


  • Jason

    the 32 gb wont matter if the ios takes up most of that space. Like a lot of androids.

  • hlna55

    But will the battery be any better? I’m regretting not getting the 6s plus just for this reason alone.

  • Bafoon

    It won’t, latest cut of the ios10 is showing better storage management for OS.

    That said, will I be the only one that will miss the 16GB. As a power user and a paying customer to the Apple iClould storage plans – everything on my existing phone is optimized to run off the cloud. I have over 500GB of photos and videos, which neatly optimizes my local storage. The same with my music and videos. Everything else is streamed. I don’t play a lot of games…

    I really would not want apple to bump up the base cost, as in that case my hardware costs + cloud costs will only go up.

  • Jason

    500 GB in photos and videos, do you really need that much storage available all the time, on the go? I take it your using it for business?

  • Quattro

    I’m not seeing any enticing reason to get a 7 (I have a 6). I think it’s reached the point of where there’s just not much in the way of dramatic improvement that they can do with the phone. They need to focus on GREATLY improving the watch in terms of thickness, and “true” startup time for apps (not this fake improved startup time with iOS 10), not to mention more sensors and more everything. (yes… I want the world, dammit !… and I want 5 minutes ago!)

  • Mamba

    I’m using a 6 as well. Much rather wait for next year’s 10th anniversary of iPhone. That’s something that will make me wanna buy a new one at this point…. I’m still quite satisfied with my 6, still running as smooth as day one.

  • OliChabot

    Trust me, the iPhone 6S battery is not better and that is getting on my nerves…

  • hlna55

    But the 6s plus is supposed to be much better isn’t it? I already have a 6S and it is deplorable.

  • jackie

    porn addict maybe??