Camera Shootout: iPhone 7 Plus vs. Sony a7 Mk II



With smartphones cameras getting better and better every year, many photographers believe they can be somebody’s only camera as in some cases, they even beat the quality of photos captures by real cameras. One such camera shootout between an iPhone 7 Plus and a Sony a7 Mk II mirroless dSLR, courtesy of HipsterPixel, seems to highlight that claim.

Screen Shot 2016 11 22 at 00 16 53

The A7 II is a mirroless dSLR camera equipped with the Sony 24-70mm lens capable of a 4.0 aperture, while the iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with a 28mm f/1.8 and 56mm f/2.8 dual camera system. Both devices have Sony sensors, and are equally capable of shooting sharp imagery. For comparison, a number of pictures were taken by the photographer, with both devices using the same focal length, either 28mm or 56mm.

This is a “real-life” test to see how they perform under the same conditions. Apart from the focal length I did not change the ISO or aperture to let both cameras do their magic. As the caption shows, the left picture will be the one taken with the iPhone 7 Plus and the one on the right, with the Sony A7 II. 

I tried to minimize my actions on the photo, so I did indeed have to crop them to they would fit centered, but I left the compression very high so it is not affecting the pixels and sharpness of the photos.

Looking at the photos, one can see that in some situations, the iPhone is clearly the winner with greater contrast and better exposure, but sometimes it’s the Sony dSLR. But since the iPhone is always with you, in your pocket and for many, this is the best camera. Take at look at the side-by-side photos and tell us what you think.

Screen Shot 2016 11 22 at 00 21

Screen Shot 2016 11 22 at 00 22 09

Screen Shot 2016 11 22 at 00 22 29

Screen Shot 2016 11 22 at 00 22 40

Screen Shot 2016 11 22 at 00 22 48

Screen Shot 2016 11 22 at 00 23

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  • Also, if you go back to my original articles, these white handles are actually interactive and you can slide from left to right to see the two shots! ????

    Thanks for sharing my post Usman!

  • RickysCV

    Can’t get the sliders for the pics to work in either Firefox or Safari. I haven’t rebooted yet though…

  • Edge

    The sliders only work in the original article not the repost by iphoneincanada

  • Meowsefer

    This is a poor article sending false information. Buying a phone is much different from buying a full-frame mirrorless (not a DSLR as stated in the article) camera. If you want quick, nice looking shots, then go for the iphone; you will get fantastic contrasty images perfect for sharing in social media. If you want to take your work to another level, buy a real camera. But what do I know, I don’t have ‘technology running through my veins.’

  • Quattro

    Another incredibly misguided article on iPhone photography from Usman. The source author doesn’t have a clue as to what’s going on. The Sony was the clear winner in every photo except for two where the clown didn’t focus properly. Don’t look at the iPhone’s applied processing. Look at the detail in the images.

    You can’t look at pre-processing and say, “The iPhone photos are better’. That’s just nonsense. A high end camera is a tool which requires some skill to use correctly. The iPhone is a nice little snapshot marvel. But it doesn’t come even remotely close to an xSLR in terms of actual image quality.

  • OliChabot

    I gotta say I have an iPhone 6S and a Sony a5000 and the a5000 is definetaly better ! iPhone is great for quick shots but nothing can replace light sensor and bokeh effect of a dSLR…