‘iPhone 7’ Rumoured to Debut ‘Deep Blue’ Colour, Replace Space Grey

We saw Apple debut Rose Gold with the iPhone 6s, but could we see yet another new colour emerge for the next ‘iPhone 7’?

According to Japanese site Mac Otakara, an unnamed “reliable” source claims the next generation iPhone will debut a “deep blue” colour option, to go along with Silver, Gold and Rose Gold, while Space Grey will be replaced by the new colour.


As for the LCD glass surface of the ‘iPhone 7’, the source claims it will be the same display used in the iPhone 6s, suggesting no major changes are coming to the smartphone’s screen resolution or size.

Mac Otakara has posted some reliable information in the past ahead of Apple device launches, however, until we see ‘dummy’ iPhone 7 shells in blue, that’s when we can take this rumour seriously. Space Grey is a very popular iPhone colour–is dark blue going to be the new grey?

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  • Corey Beazer

    Imagine how good a Leafs logo would look on that…..
    *stereotypical Canadian comment

  • jmcd102

    These iPhone 7 rumours just keep getting worse from an expectations standpoint. Perhaps Apple wants to see how far they can push it? ????

  • jmcd102

    These iPhone 7 rumours just keep getting worse from an expectations standpoint. Perhaps Apple wants to see how far they can push it? ????

    The $2000 + I would have spent at ? will now go towards an OLED TV from LG. Our iPhone 6 “devices” will last another year.

  • Jon

    Canada’s team

  • Chris

    Wish they would bring back the slate black from the iPhone 5. I miss that colour.

  • Matt

    I thought orange is the new black

    Lol Ok I’m sorry. I’ll apologize for that one

  • Ashley Mann


  • FragilityG4

    Relax its just rumours.

  • OliChabot

    I’ve been a fan of a royal blue/deep blue color ever since they release these cases. Would love it but don’t replace the space grey, replace that horrible pink or gold!

  • jmcd102

    Never said or indicated I was upset. As a shareholder I just want AAPL to perform.

    The new TV will get more use than the iPhone would anyways. 😉

  • FragilityG4

    To the contrary you said your $2000 will now go towards a LG TV.

  • jmcd102

    Lol, how would that upset me other than AAPL losing out on my 2 iPhones and LG getting the cash? Looking forward to the OLED TV and the Jays.

    If I wanted the iPhones I would buy them. Just don’t see the value this time. 2017 looks like a great update.

  • FragilityG4

    You’re making all your decision based on rumours. Again relax and wait for the fall when its announced. Plus being a shareholder you will also be losing out on cash.

  • jmcd102

    Our iPhones will last another year. That is relaxed. If I wasn’t relaxed I would be anxious about what to do. 😉

  • FragilityG4

    That’s not relaxed. You stated from the beginning that you’re not impressed from what you’ve read and now you’ll buy a tv instead. You reassure yourself by saying your phones will last. NOTHING has been announced and you’ve posted your future plans based off of rumours. Maybe what’s best for you is to not post anything while emotional.


  • jmcd102

    Emotional? Lol. You are the one that is emotional and keep posting about what I am thinking about the almost daily reports on the Apple supply chain and predictions. So now I can’t post on a forum what I think?

    Impressed with the predictions? Like many others no. As someone quite invested in ? products I would like to see more. Don’t like my opinion? Too bad.

    If I was emotional I would switch to Android and post about that like many others do.

  • FragilityG4

    You can post and I can react. You’re emotional and overreacting. Calm down and relax. It’s only a phone. They’re only rumours. Crack a beer and enjoy the Jays taking down the O’s. Relaaaaaax buddy, relax ????

  • jmcd102

    You need to chill and let people voice. We’ve both voiced. You obviously don’t understand.

    Yes, watching the Jays as I type. Great game. Nice Home runs. Have great day. Enjoy.

  • FragilityG4

    I let you voice time and time again. I just gave you some advise to avoid high blood pressure… Relax.

    Have a good one ????

  • jmcd102

    No HBP here. ???????? Chill and worry about yourself. ????

    BTW Great Jays game.


  • FragilityG4

    I’m chill … Not freaking over rumours!

    Great to see Edwin swinging for the fences … Just wish the rest of them would get it going … And the bullpen.