iPhone 7 Destroys Galaxy Note 7 in Real World Speed Test [VIDEO]


Last month, PhoneBuff released one of their typical ‘real-life’ speed tests, with the nearly year-old iPhone 6s taking on Samsung’s blazing Galaxy Note 7. That test saw the iPhone 6s win easily, despite the Note 7 having higher specs on paper.

PhoneBuff has posted another video, this time showing the latest iPhone 7 taking on the Note 7, and again, Apple’s flagship crushes Samsung’s flagship, easily. Apple’s new A10 Fusion processor truly shines here, along with iOS 10.

Iphone 7 vs galaxy note 7

In the video below, the iPhone 7 finishes both ‘laps’ of tests before the Note 7 can even do one lap—and this is with “only” 2GB of RAM (curious to see how iPhone 7 Plus and its 3GB of RAM will fare). Even though Samsung continues to push out smartphones with high specs on paper, it can’t keep up to Apple’s hardware and iOS.

Well, at least the Note 7 battery didn’t explode and catch fire during the tests.


  • BritBloke

    Being a bit pedantic, but I don’t think opening and closing apps in quick succession is a “real world” test.

  • iPhone “blows it out of the water” in these speed tests but clearly the note is better at blowing stuff up.

  • FragilityG4

    What about the video rendering? That’s what killed the note 7. Not to mention the phones ability to multi task (or in the notes case, lack of)

  • Riddlemethis

    Apple has always been faster in “real world” tests. I don’t know why there was this comparison in the first place. The iPhone already beat the Galaxy 7. It’s the same processor.

    Any way, I am having second thoughts with my iPhone 7 Plus. I think I will return it within 14 days back to Apple, there’s simply too many issues with it. I might get the Google Pixlr (nee Nexus) phone instead.

  • Mamba

    What would be a “real world” test? Testing how fast Facebook loads what your distant cousins had for breakfast on their vacation, like it, and then tweet about your burnt toast and complaining about how shitty your day started?

  • swotam

    True, while the iPhone might “destroy” the Note 7, the Note 7 will destroy your vehicle and possibly your home (or at least your garage)!! Apple needs to up their destruction game, obviously they’re still thinking too small. 😀

  • swotam

    Got a 7 Plus, zero issues here. What sort of problems are you seeing?

  • Some people like to see head-to-head tests of Apple and Samsung’s flagships.

    What’s wrong with your 7 Plus?

  • You’re exploding it wrong.

  • swotam

    Let the #explodegate reporting begin! Or would that be #doesntexplodegate?

  • Johnas

    I don’t see this as a “real world” test either. Also, Note7 has much more pixels to generate since it has higher resolution than iPhone7. I have no idea why this stupid test is a “real world” test. The screen the clarity on Note7 is superior to iPhone 7 imo.

  • Kirk


  • Riddlemethis

    Not much actually. Screen rattle, random disconnect of cellular after disabling airplane mode and the keyboard is still too small for my fingers. Third party apps aren’t any better, often worse