iPhone 7 May Use New Packaging Technology To Save Internal Space



According to a new report from Korean news site ETNews, Apple is expected to use a new “fan-out” packaging technology for some components to maximize the amount of room in its next-generation iPhone.

Specifically, the technology will be applied to the device’s antenna switching module and RF (radio frequency) chip. Using fan-out should increase the density of I/O terminals within a package, permitting smaller chip sizes.

Shrinking the chassis of the “iPhone 7” is believed to be a high priority for Apple. On top of minimizing radio components, the company may also be increasing its use of single-chip EMI (electro-magnetic interference) shielding, allowing components to sit more closely together.

Several rumours have suggested that the device will abandon the 3.5mm headphone jack in favour of the Lightning port in the interest of thinness.

The iPhone 7 is expected to ship sometime this fall, probably in September as usual. Features of one or both models could include a dual-lens camera and a more uniform back, without a camera bump or visible antenna bands.


  • FragilityG4

    I want to echo the sentiments of many others … I would trade some thinness for a larger battery. These phones are already unbelievably thin and the battery is unbelievably short.

  • Wall Man

    I agree! But I think it is all about cutting costs. Smaller frame = less materials and smaller battery = less cost.

    Also, get rid of the camera bump!

    The design really looks to be a further evolution of the 6, which then leads to a greater likely hood of a full redesign for 2017.

  • heh, soon to be iPhone Air 😛
    iPhone pro for the thinker model with larger battery and camera lens.