Apple Once Again Rumoured to Drop the 3.5mm Headphone Jack for iPhone 7


Following up on Mac Otakara’s claims, two different Chinese websites report that Apple will drop the 3.5 mm headphone jack in favour of an all-in-one Lightning port on the iPhone 7 (via MacRumors).


Citing anonymous supply chain sources, and Wei Feng claim that Apple has seen the future; a future which will entail listening to music through wireless EarPods. Or at least headphones connected to the Lightning port of the iPhone, not the century-old 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Philips already has headphones with the Lightning connector, as does Sony, and all are marketed as supporting high resolution music. Therefore, if Apple makes this move, the rumours of a high-res audio format developed by the company may become a reality.

Also, we must add that Apple already offers wireless headphones through its Beats subsidiary — think Powerbeats 2, Solo 2, and Studio. The question is how consumers will react to the all-in-one Lightning port, as there are situations when you need to charge your iPhone, but still want to listen to your favourite artists or podcast. This, unfortunately isn’t yet possible, unless Apple implements wireless charging to the iPhone 7.


  • Eric Godwin

    Wireless headphones aren’t yet reliable enough for everyday users. Plagued by connection and audio quality issues they’re a niche. Lightening headphones is interesting though.

  • FragilityG4

    They could make a dual port much like the current HDMI out cable which allows for usage and charging at the same time.

  • KIII

    “when you need to charge your iPhone, but still want to listen to your favourite artists or podcast. This, unfortunately isn’t yet possible”

    I just use the iPhone speaker and keep it low to not disturb the others in the cave!

    The Lightning connection will be great and the adapter can stay on the headphone set all the time. Having to purchase a headphone adapter though will suck considering being how expensive new iDevices always are.

  • KIII

    If anyone hasn’t seen it there is a video where someone compared a Cintiq to the iPad pro; one wire verses everything Wacom requires to run. This would the plus of a lightning headphone method.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Actually, I’d rather they went the other way and replace the Lightning port with a headphone jack kind of like they did on the Shuffle. Better yet, have 2 headphone ports so you could use one to charge and the other to listen to headphones on. The benefit is that now you could also plug in 2 normal headphones at the same time.

  • Anthony

    To everyone saying this isn’t feasible… it is…

    I haven’t plugged anything into the headphone jack of my iphone in months. Wireless headphones, wireless earbuds, airplay, sonos, bluetooth, chromecast. I use it all and haven’t looked back. Not saying I wouldn’t have any anxiety about having the headphone jack removed and then someday needing one. Just saying that it is possible and it isn’t just a niche.

  • LouisDC

    I’ll be very upset if they remove the audio jack on the iPhone 7. I don’t mind about high resolution audio, but for 95% of people the regular audio plug in more than enough! Why not do both: add support for high quality audio through the lighting connector, and keep the regular audio jack.

    I just invested in a pair of Bose noise-cancelling headphones and I won’t be able to use them with the iPhone 7? If I go to a friend’s house and want to plug my phone to his stereo system I’ll have to carry a f%$cking adapter? No. Thanks.

    Also, what if I buy lightning-enabled headphones and want to use them with my PC?

    Please don’t do this Apple!

  • ticky13

    Pass. If I am in a car that doesn’t support Bluetooth or USB to play audio, I have the use the headphone jack into aux and then charge it at the same time.