New iPhone 7 Plus Ad Showcases Camera’s Portrait Mode Feature [VIDEO]


Apple has uploaded a new iPhone 7 Plus ad to its YouTube channel, showcasing the device’s camera and Portrait Mode. One woman’s iPhone 7 Plus becomes the talk of the town as seen below, thanks to Portrait Mode:

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Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus helps you take great portraits by creating a depth-of-field effect that blurs backgrounds and brings faces into beautifully sharp focus. So now, taking a professional-looking portrait is as easy as snapping a photo.


  • Yet I can’t take any photos indoors, it always tells me I need more light lol

  • Nuser

    That is normal

  • sukisszoze

    The phone is just a tool, the person behind the camera needs to know what to do to get great pictures. In that commercial, all the subjects have nice bright light on them 🙂