Video Compares Alleged iPhone 7 Prototypes with iPhone 6s

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The latest rumours claim that the iPhone 7 has already entered mass production — in time for the September launch — but it is still an open question as to how the final device will look. Steve Hemmerstoffer of French site NowhereElse has put together a video showing how the handset’s design has evolved since the first leak, as we’ve seen some conflicting reports.

The rumours, however, seem to agree there won’t be any major design changes and the next generation model will mainly resemble the iPhone 6s, as Apple focuses on a performance upgrade. Still there are some changes and that’s what Hemmerstoffer’s video aims to show.

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As you can see, the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 drawings lack the rumoured Smart Connector (it seems to be exclusive to the 5.5-inch model he speculates). What’s particularly interesting is how the protruding camera evolved from January to now. Maybe Apple will finally drop that protrusion as it moves to a bigger camera module?

One thing has to be noted here though: there is absolutely no way to confirm whether these drawings showing iPhone 7 prototypes are legitimate. There a few months until the iPhone 7 launches, so we will likely see other leaks as well.

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  • Brad Graham

    One thing I know is, if they actually can the headphone jack (and all signs point towards this being true) I’m likely going to move away from iPhones and look at android. Or maybe just get a 6s but it’s been years since I updated and I don’t want to buy an older phone. The reality is that I use the headphone jack almost daily and I have zero interest in carrying around an adapter. What a frustrating situation that will be.

  • FragilityG4

    Motorola just dropped the headphone jack. Get use to it, this will be the new industry standard.

  • Brad Graham

    That’s so shitty, i get why they wanna do it but come on it’s not like the phones need to be a 1/8″ thin anyways

  • FragilityG4

    It also makes it easier to waterproof and less places for lint to find a home. I’m good with the change but I’m bias because I just use the provided earbuds. I do get the frustration of one who has paid good money for better headphones.