iPhone 7 Reserve & Pickup Live in Canada for Unlocked or Contracts


Apple has brought back Reserve & Pickup for iPhone 7 pre-orders, which allows customers to reserve a device online to then pickup in-stores, for both unlocked and those seeking contracts. The service was made available last year for the iPhone 6s as well.

How to use Reserve & Pickup for iPhone 7?

Launch the Apple Store iOS app, go to pre-order iPhone 7 and you should see the following ‘Reserve today’ for carriers—which actually takes you to this link, but it’s down because it’s getting hammered. The link may require you to click through via the Apple Store iOS app, like last year, so keep trying.

IMG 4031

For pickup in-store for unlocked iPhones, the option appears under capacity when you’re choosing a model (our screen shows unavailable):

IMG 4030

But if you do see pickup available, you’ll see the following two screens once you go through the steps:

IMG 4028 IMG 4026

Were you able to use Reserve & Pickup for your unlocked or carrier pre-order?


  • FerrariF1

    Did anyone get a sept 16 ship date for the iPhone 7 plus jet black?

  • JordanStern

    The reservation site is still down for me…

  • gordon

    No dice. iPhone 7 plus black 256GB and still sept 28th-30th. kept refreshing sa of 11:55 and first chance i got was already that late

  • Jason Bjerke

    Was able to use app, ordered jet black 128gb 7 plus for me, and a silver 128gb 7 for the Mrs. She is upgrading from 4s.
    Del for her Friday 16, my ETA 2-3 weeks for the jet black.

  • YY

    Reserved 128gb plus rose gold for pickup at WEM, quick & easy this time, everyone wants the jet black instead lol

  • jmcd102

    Ordered a 128GB 7 Black for my wife with an 8 am pick up window. Store was down a few min. Checked out at 9 min after the hour.

  • Did anyone manage to reserve with a carrier plan? The site is still down

  • Prab

    Ordered both the iPhone 7 256GB Black (for pickup on the 16th at Pacific Centre) and 256GB 7 Plus Black (delivery on the 16th)!!

  • Ben

    Got the black 32GB iPhone 7+ Ships 6-8 business days. Delivers Sept 28 – 30..

  • Ryan

    Did anyone get a sept 16 ship date for any of the jet black iPhone’s?

  • Mike

    we can’t reserve and pick up like the 6s launch?

  • Matt

    I reserved an iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Black but had to pay for it through the app. Last time for the 6 Plus I was able to pay in store but I didn’t see that option anywhere.

  • zero

    i didnt get the option for delivery and pickup i just got reserved at store not the last 2 screens is it different for website and mobile apple store app?

  • Tom Fenske

    I was able to get in via link at the top of the Apple Store app. Not sure if I got the subsidy though, as my price is the full ticket. But there is a paragraph about the employee helping you pick a plan so I guess they take it off after the fact.

    Wasn’t able to get a Plus but I scored 128 GB Black 7.

  • Shawn Zeek Clarke

    They must have changed something after it went live, I was forced to order unlocked via the Apple Store App (even confirmed via chat with an Apple agent that carrier wouldn’t be an option this year when I couldn’t find the option) – I went back to bed, got up 3 hours later and tried again and I was able to reserve and pickup using the carrier option. I guess I woke up for nothing considering I was able to get what I wanted at the time I normally wake up at anyway! 😉

  • Salinger

    If you reserved for pickup in-store, you haven’t paid. They ask you for your full credit card info, I assume to stop people from just reserving phones they don’t necessarily want, but there is no authorization or charge on your card. That will still be done when you go to the store.

  • wongnog

    I’m confused because the prices look the same as factory unlocked. Are they supposed to reflect the carrier subsidized pricing? Also it looks like I can’t reserve any iPhone 7 Plus models in the GTA, only 7 is available. Anyone else?

  • Ang

    Anyone know if they have a reserve and pick for the Apple Watch? There is an option which says store pick up when ordering but it’s greyed out

  • Matt

    I did pay for it. At checkout I chose to pick up my order in the store and then I paid using Apple Pay. This was all before the site went up to allow you to reserve without paying. The charge for the full amount is already pending on my card.

  • Zamrod

    I don’t think anyone did. I got in almost immediately after they went on sale, I was able to order for September 16 in gold, Silver, or rose gold and September 23rd in black. But it was Oct 5-12 for Jet Black. Also, store pickup was available for almost every color except Jet Black.

    I’ve been searching message boards and I can’t find anyone who got a Sept 16 date for Jet Black. I don’t think any were available for launch.

  • Paul

    I paid $480 for a 7+ with Telus on 2 year

  • wuju

    Mine is being shipped. Similar to yours, the option is greyed out.

  • iHeartYEG

    Hey guys, I couldn’t reserve today (waiting for paycheque). Does anyone here know, in their experience, what are my chances of getting a 7 Plus now that the phones are all backordered and the situation, from this forum, looks grime. Your advice will be much appreciated.