iPhone 7 Sales May Hit 100 Million in 2016, Thanks to Note 7 Recall

Iphone sales

According to analysts in South Korea, Apple’s better-than-expected initial sales of the iPhone 7 may be due to Samsung’s recall of its Galaxy Note 7. IBK Investment & Securities analyst Lee Seung-woo said that Korean component vendors for Apple expected a volume of 80 to 85 million units, but this has jumped by nearly 25% to over 100 million by the end of the year, ZDNet is reporting. 

“The order to stop using the Galaxy Note 7 and continuous incidents of them exploding in the US likely have leaned US consumers towards the iPhone,” said Lee, in a note to clients. “It is indisputable that the Galaxy Note 7 incident has become a huge plus for Apple.”

Kim Ji-san, analyst at Kiwoom Securities, predicts that the iPhone 7 will outsell the iPhone 6S. The latest phone was showing high popularity through online orders in the US and China.

Another South Korean analyst from Hi Investment & Securities added that Apple is on track to recover its top position in the high-premium smartphone market i.e. phones that cost over $600, thanks to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. He continued that US wireless carriers are actively promoting the new iPhones following the Galaxy Note 7’s recall.

While Samsung gears up to resume its sales of the Galaxy Note 7 in the US on Wednesday, check out this real world speed test video of the iPhone 7 vs. the Note 7.

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  • Michel Plante

    From my point of views, there is a lot of riche people’s out there. The only way I’ll change my iPhone 6S with a newer version is if I get it FREE ????????????????

  • Riddlemethis

    I believe this is simply the natural order of things. So will be the frustration of many Apple 7 owners realizing their iPhone scratches easily (Jet black version), has a yellowy screen, has no connectivity after enabling/disabling airplane mode, has an annoying hiss, camera taking poor pictures and not being made out of sapphire like Apple claims resulting in scratching of the lens. Once the battery issue with the Note 7 is fixed, many will in fact ditch Apple.

  • bspence88


  • Dany Quirion

    Theres no hiss, its just someone trying to make a story, many proved it in many videos. Any phone scratch easily with keys, it is sapphire and the rest will all be fixed in the tomorow ios update

  • Mamba

    Yes. Apple is doomed to fail. We got it. It’s already been said many years ago….wait….

  • Mamba

    Pardon me, but your point of view is quite narrow if you don’t see the many people who are upgrading from an older device, too.

  • swotam

    I got an iPhone 7 Plus with none of the issues you describe. Not sure what you bought…or are you just taking all the supposed “issues” with the iPhone 7 and somehow assuming they apply to every unit manufactured?

  • Riddlemethis

    Dude. Wake up. You’re delusional and living in denial.

  • swotam

    So you’re telling me that the iPhone I’m currently typing this on has all of the issues you mention and that I’m just oblivious to them? OK…

    Someone is delusional, but it’s not me.

  • Riddlemethis

    While there is no hiss, there is an annoying crackle when using headphones and swiping your screen.