First iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus Unboxing in 4K: Jet Black vs Matte Black [VIDEO]


MKBHD has just posted an excellent video detailing the retail unboxing of Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, comparing the Jet Black and Black (matte) experience. These boxes are 256GB loaner units from Apple, since he attended last week’s special event.

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The high-gloss finish Jet Black comes in a black box, a throwback to the good ol’ days, while the Black version comes in a white box.

If you’re on the fence about whether to choose between a Jet Black or Black iPhone 7, this video will help your decision making. MKBHD uses some of the highest end video equipment and you can view in it 4K resolution to see all the fine details.

You’ll also notice there’s a new setup screen for iPhone 7, which explains “Meet the New Home Button”, since the button is no longer physical, but rather uses Force Touch like Apple’s MacBook trackpads.

Jet Black looks pretty awesome in the video. There are no words.


  • pg_72

    Only thing I don’t like, is the fact that there is no case included for the EarPods. As we all know, if you just put those things in a pocket or bag they tangle up like crazy…the cases they’ve come in with previous iPhones were great.

  • T33BS

    Keep/find your old case and see if it still fits? I like it because there will be that much less plastics included in the packaging. Greener.

  • pg_72

    True…pretty sure I have a couple of the old cases around. I can see the green side of things as well.

  • KS

    Why do I still love the Jet Black? Damn!

  • Mamba

    One thing I noticed…. this guy’s hands are huge!

  • Arcsvibe

    Wow that Jet Black….drool!