iPhone 7 Crushes Google’s Pixel in Early Benchmarks


AnTuTu has just released its rankings of top 10 mobile devices for the month of September, revealing that even the highest end Android phones don’t come close to the iPhone 7. Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 take the top two spots with scores of 172644 and 170124 respectively, while the LeEco Le Pro 3 took the third place with a score of 160856, followed by Xiaomi’s Mi 5s.

Iphone 7 antutu top 10 september 2016

As pointed out by BGR, the Le Pro 3 it sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, the exact same chip that Google has used for its new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, meaning that the iPhone 7 will also beat the Pixel in similar benchmarks. Furthermore, Geekbench 4 scores for Google’s Pixels peak at 1580 on the single-core test and about 4100 on the multi-core test, while Apple’s latest iPhones score 3430 and about 5600.

The only device that managed to outscore the iPhone 7 in these tests is also an Apple device, the iPad Pro tablet, whose AnTuTu score is 177266. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was the seventh fastest smartphone according to AnTuTu benchmarks, with a score of 138373. That’s slightly above the iPhone 6s’ score of 136477, which didn’t make the top 10.

In addition to these benchmarks, even real-life tests have proven that none of the current Android flagships can match the performance of iPhone 7’s A10 Fusion processor.


  • FragilityG4

    But it has 4 gigs of RAM … hahaha

  • Janker

    I love the twerps who buy for specs over actual real-life performance!

  • Bafoon

    but but – think of the possibility…that is until they switch to the latest specc’ed phone and then hope again

  • JetBlack_7plus

    Why is Apple not selling the iPhone 7+ Jet Black with either 128GB/256GB? I don’t want them Rose/Silver/Gold color ones. Increase the damn price if the Jet Black one is in high demand.

  • swotam

    They are selling them. You can either order one online and wait, or use a site like iStockNow to track Canadian inventory and use Reserve & Pickup once one shows up near you. I’ve seen a few Jet Black 7 Plus appear on iStockNow, it’s just a question of time and patience.