Alleged ‘iPhone 8’ CAD Schematics Leaked on the Web



Initially published on SlashLeaks, alleged ‘iPhone 8’ CAD schematics have just hit the web, showing a vertical rear camera and no fingerprint sensor on the back. The same CAD images were later shared on Twitter by this year’s most prominent leaker Benjamin Geskin, who explained that the circle on the back represents the spot where the Apple logo should go, and must not be mistaken for a rear Touch ID sensor. 

The schematics also suggest that the ‘iPhone 8’ might have an elongated power button as compared to its predecessors. 

Only time will tell how accurate these leaked schematics really are. What do you guys think?


  • hlna55

    Only cause you ask what i think….

    “Sent from my S8+”

    That i got 2 days ago and after 8 years of iphones i already love it.

    I picked up my 6S plus today cause i needed to get some info from it and it felt like an iphone 5 to me.

    Bye Tim. I wont wait 4 years for a phone upgrade for the highest priced handset on the market.

  • Mamba

    Good bye. You will not be missed.

  • hlna55

    Cause we were soooo close before. Hahaha.

  • Chad

    What part dont you like about the iPhone?

  • hlna55

    1) the design has passed it by… it’s a top price phone still awaiting an update. To me, that is nothing short of Apple taking advantage of it’s dedicated users. Was the same with the 2012 MBr that took 4.5 years to update. They were awesome when they came out but it seems like innovation is definitely not what it used to be.
    2) Battery life – you can read all the reviews you want… when I parked my 6s plus (almost new – was replaced under Apple Care 6 weeks ago) I was getting about 14 hours to a charge. With the same usage and not even discounting that I’m playin on my new phone cause i’m just “checking it out”, i’m getting over 20 and there is still a charge in it. Real life usage, not bench testing
    3) Charging!! – the android quick charge feature is ridiculous. If you have 15 minutes, you can plug your non-iPhone in and get 20 percent boost and it’ll charge to 100% in a fraction the time. I can’t stand being tethered to a charger and having to “plan my next charge to 100%” when I travel. And I travel a LOT. iPhone users, you KNOW what I mean.
    4) Screen – in a device the same size as what I had, I got a massive screen and in comparison after using it, the gap is DRASTIC in my opinion.
    5) Yes customization is fun, but i’m just a user of a phone. It augments my life and keeps me in touch cause i’m always on the go. With family etc…So when I say it is nice to “customize” my phone i’m talking about just the simple ability to add items to the home screen in the form of widgets. I’m not talking about the ones you “swipe left” for… i’m talking about windows into your most used apps that constantly update. Like email, text messages and news. It is FANTASTIC that you can see this information without having to open the app! No more chasing the red notification bubbles!
    6) Price!!! – The FULL retail of the phone is $350 cheaper than I paid for my 64GB 6s plus. Never mind the new pricing of the “8” whenever it arrives. I got my S8 plus for $74 and my plan never went up even though I had a BYOD plan before this one. Try THAT with the latest iPhone when it comes out.
    7) Apple fans that EXCLAM everything about the new phone!! I don’t care what anyone says.. from my perspective apple is chasing the implementation of 3-4 year old screen tech and apple fans and sites have actually called this “advanced screen technology”. I started to realize that I couldn’t stand the taste of the “apple juice” I was drinking any more. Apple die-hards are going to run around this November proclaiming this absolutely stunning new display… get over it.

    There you have it. real world preferences from just a guy that uses a phone. I’m not a tech guy… I just like to have the best option I can for the best value. I could care less how fast the phone opens and closes 35 apps in a row, closes them and re-opens them all again and I could care even less about telling everyone that “mine was faster than yours”.

  • Michal

    whole courage ‘thing’, dongles in general for me, personally.
    keep wondering if i’ll buy into iphone 8. 🙁
    love the apple eco system but some of their decisions are driving me away.

  • Shane

    Almost 3 years ago when apple finally unveiled a larger screen iPhone with the iPhone 6 and 6+, Android users switched to Apple in massive numbers. The number of new switchers has remained strong and steady since and I imagine when apple reveals the 8 this fall the amount of Android users wanting to make the switch will be staggering.

    Don’t get me wrong the S8 is a beautiful phone and if I wasn’t so sure the iPhone 8 was going to be miles better I would’ve bought it by now.