Apple’s 2017 iPhone Said to Feature Dual-Curved OLED Display


The iPhone 7 hasn’t even launched yet — it is expected to hit the shelves this fall — but the rumour mill is already busy spilling information about the iPhone that will only be unveiled next year. Following up on earlier reports, IHS analyst Kevin Wang says the 2017 iPhone will incorporate a bigger and dual-curve OLED display, similar to what we’ve see with the Samsung Edge (via MacRumors).

Kevin Wong’s exact words are that after Vivo outed the Xplay 5 with its 5.4″ OLED screen that slopes to the sides like on the S7 edge, there will be more manufacturers using this technique, including Apple with next year’s iPhone.

Wang shared his findings on Chinese microblogging site Weibo (via Phone Arena), without going into the source of the information.

S6 Edge screen 25

Actually, his statement seems to be in line with earlier rumours claiming Apple will launch an iPhone with an even bigger screen. Well-connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said earlier in March, that Apple plans to unveil a new iPhone model with curved glass case and 5.8-inch display in 2017.

Digitimes supply chain sources whispered in the same month that Samsung will be the main supplier of those 5.8-inch OLED displays, while LG Display and Japan Display will join later. Those reports sustain Wang’s statement about the bigger screen, but don’t mention any wraparound display.

At this point the purpose of those curved edges is unknown, but the reports seem to agree that Apple is preparing for a major redesign only next year. Until then, it remains to be seen what surprises Apple has prepared for this year.

Image credit: Trusted Reviews


  • hlna55

    I love my iPhone but… really? I can’t think of one thing on this planet that happens to me on a daily, weekly or monthly basis that makes me think…. “Man if only my screen was bent on the sides, this would be so much easier.”
    on the flip side, I can relate to some infrequent yet normal occurences in which I may have dropped my phone or banged it. If the curved display is as sturdy as the current one, well, best keep a genius bar appointment open for your screen replacements.

  • It’s Me

    I actually really like the look of the Edge. Very sexy. Functionally useless and actually quite problematic …but still, it looks great.

  • Jay

    Wait so… the rumor mill is such a buzz that they are already trying to predict NEXT YEARS iphone…. Really?

    Is it because they dont want to be laughed in a few weeks at WWDC. They want to give themselves a year before looking like idiots trying to predict things that are far from being set in stone.

  • aaloo

    I don’t know if apple should release iPhones this year. There current line up is fine. Incremental update simply takes out the cheeper iPhone 6 out of the line up. But they don’t really have a choice but to do an incremental update because people want new phones every year.

    I’m sticking with my iPhone 6 for another year. Its working perfectly fine. Sure, I would like 3D touch and live photos, but I’m busy playing with apple pay 🙂

  • sukisszoze true…only if my edges were curved..I could have done ‘whatever’ easier or better..I also have dropped my phone many times so the last thing I need is to have a crack line along the face started from the glass edge.

  • ShaBi

    I feel the same. My 6 is doing just fine, and still as smooth as day 1! 3D touch doesn’t appeal to me at all, there’s really no real usefulness to it at this point. Live photos…. who even cares for that….

  • ShaBi

    I have 2 friends with S6 and 2 with Note 5. They bought the phones at the same time, and ALL of them cracked their screens within a 3 months span, with the first one in just 2 weeks. One of them switched to a S6 edge….. and cracked the screen on that as well…. Also had another friend who had a S5 and cracked the screen twice.