iPhone 8 Fast Charging with USB-C Put to the Test [VIDEO]



The folks over at AppleInsider have put the iPhone 8 charging methods to the test, from fast charging via USB-C and a 29W adapter, to Apple’s included 5W plug, in a new YouTube video. Looking at the iPhone 8 Plus Charging Speed chart (above), it seems that there’s only a 15 minute charge difference between 12W (included with iPad) and 29W chargers with the iPhone 8 Plus.

So unless you have an iPad pro as well, the questions remains whether its really worth spending $75 over a USB-C charger and Lightning cable for the iPhone 8 Plus alone.

Check out the following video and tell us what you think:


  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I wonder what the minimum wattage needed to charge at full speed is. Looks like something around 15 watts perhaps. Fast charging reduces the number of charges you get out of a battery though.

  • Erik

    If that’s true and it reduces the life of your battery, then it’s totally not worth it. For me, battery longevity is a bigger deal.

  • Widohmaker

    I’ve been using the 12 watt charger from my iPad as my default charger for a while. It does a great job. No need to buy a USB-C charger for quick charge.

  • That’s my main question about speed charging – what actually IS the long-term effect on the batteries? Would love to see some studies and tests.