Apple Struggling to Fix ‘iPhone 8’ Fingerprint-Sensor Problems [Report]


In a recent note to clients, equity research analyst with KeyBanc Capital Markets Andy Hargreaves has claimed that Apple is looking for a workaround to its ‘iPhone 8’ fingerprint-sensor problems, and that the company only has a few weeks left to fix the issue. Otherwise, it might have to delay the release date of its 10th anniversary OLED handset, BusinessInsider reports.

Iphone 8 concept

Apple is widely expected to launch new iPhone models this fall with at least one OLED version featuring an edge-to-edge display and an embedded Touch ID sensor. However, Hargreaves has said that Apple, which hoped to put the fingerprint sensor underneath the screen using a capacitive fingerprint sensor “continues to struggle with fingerprint solution”.

The analyst added that Apple only has until August to place the orders for the parts it would need for a fingerprint sensor, and that production in large volume won’t start until late October.

“Our supply-chain conversations indicate Apple continues to struggle with the workaround for the fingerprint sensor,” Hargreaves wrote. “This increases the potential that the new OLED iPhone could be delayed, or ship without a fingerprint sensor, either of which could increase risk to unit sales and mix for the cycle.”

“Based on typical lead times, we believe Apple would have to order fingerprint ICs before August to reach volume in time for holiday shopping,” Hargreaves wrote. “If Apple cannot find a solution in time, it could abandon fingerprint in favor of facial recognition. 

“Apple’s issues with fingerprint sensing in the OLED iPhone appear to have required abandoning at least one major technology investment and intense use of first- and third-party engineering resources,” he continued.

Hargreaves also sees moving to facial recognition alone as a potential problem for Apple, saying it could hamper Apple Pay, the company’s fast growing mobile-wallet software.


  • Mac

    They will never release IP8 without touch ID that works, they will figure it out, worst case they delay the launch. This phone needs to be perfect, or apple will begin to decline.

  • Guest

    Apple’s decline has already begun.

  • vid

    yeah they are declining so fast that they will be a trillion $ company in the next 12 months ????

  • iverge

    Yeah and Mc Donalds is a trillion dollar company but their food is garbage.

  • Actually, McDonalds is only a 100 billion dollar company. You’re missing a zero. Apple would be the first company to hit one trillion dollars in value if they do manage to do so as some analysts are predicting. But you make a good point nonetheless.

  • Kirk

    Yeah… in my opinion it won’t be this year if anything. They’ve never launched an iPhone the same year past October, it’s always been September. Late September. Unless they launch the same time as homepod in December? Nah that’s crazy talk…

  • Mac

    its possible, as long as they get it out before the holidays and all features are working properly

  • Mac

    not yet

  • It hasn’t always been September. The first few iPhones generations were all June/July releases. Also, just because they got into a pattern doesn’t mean they’ll never change it.

    I think it would be smart for them to do a late launch if they can’t have it ready by September. If they don’t release this phone this year they’ll potentially lose many sales to people who don’t want to wait another year for these rumoured specs. If they announce the phone with a December release date, then they can hold on to many of those customers.

  • Kirk

    When I meant September, I meant recent iPhones. Sorry wrong wording. I’ve bought iPhones since the 3G so I know.

    you also hold valid points, but I just don’t agree with a December release. To each there own though. Guess we will see