‘iPhone 8’ Mockups Explore How Apple Could Hide the Sensor Bar Notch


While recent leaks have all but confirmed an edge-to-edge display design for the upcoming ‘iPhone 8’, it is not yet clear how iOS 11 will incorporate the front-facing sensor bar notch for a more seamless look. Latest mockups by developers Allen Pike and Max Rudberg have taken a look at how these changes might be realized in an ‘iPhone 8’ running iOS 11 (via MacRumors).

Iphone pro mockup

The designers point out that “Large Title” banners in iOS 11 sit below navigation buttons in many of the apps, with plenty of “weirdly empty” white space on current model iPhones. In one of the mockups, they predict that iOS 11 will shift the topmost navigation buttons within these apps to a bottom bar, most likely a “function area”, where users will easily be able to tap UI inputs to jump around within the apps. 

Iphone 8 embrace the notch

Rudberg says the at first he was more favorable of the UI blending the notch into the software of the iPhone, but due to what would result in a visually smaller display, he’s now hoping that Apple will “embrace the notch”.

Beforehand I was fond of the idea of blending the statusbar with the hardware, but seeing the mockups like this, I’m not so sure. Blending the statusbar with the hardware makes the screen seem smaller than it is and the result is less striking. I’m now leaning towards that Apple will embrace the notch.

For more photos from the two ‘iPhone 8’ mockups, click here and here


  • poopchute

    The notch is important from a visual aspect.

    It gives the top and bottom symmetry.

  • FragilityG4

    I can see them making the sides of the notch (left and right) functional. So in regular state you see signal strength and wifi/LTE on the left and battery and Bluetooth on the right.

    If you touch those areas they change: carrier name on the left and locations, alarm etc on the right. It would show for a few seconds and change back.

    Alternatively a smaller edge to edge bar drops below displaying this information (including time) also on a few second display time.

  • steve81

    I can’t see Apple doing an Android-style “function area” at the bottom. My guess at this point is that the Sleep/Wake button on the side will become the Home Button, and that you will lock your screen by swiping down from the top (this would explain why Notification Center and the Lock Screen have been merged in iOS 11).