‘iPhone 8’ Mass Production Reportedly Begins Says Leaker: Rumour


Product leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, known as @OnLeaks, has claimed this morning “Right on time! As expected, #iPhone8 mass production just started what means first genuine components should therefore start leaking soon…”

@OnLeaks earlier had posted dimensions of Apple’s next iPhone, while also a hands-on video of what appeared to be an ‘iPhone 8’ dummy unit, to which he says “Meanwhile, I guess it’s the right moment to (re)watch this…”

Meanwhile, on Slashleaks, user “Leakspinner” has posted what claims to be the box for the next iPhone, dubbed “iPhone X Edition,” which definitely looks like a fake. Check it out below if you’re into #fakenews:

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With Apple accidentally pushing out a firmware for its HomePod speaker, developers have dived into the code to find out possible features coming for iPhone 8, which may include facial recognition that could work with Apple Pay, a new “SmartCam” feature, and an image of the device’s display outline itself. It’s probably one of the worst leaks by Apple to date.

If history repeats itself, Apple will hold another fall iPhone event, so as we get closer to that date, expect more leaks to surface, on what could be the company’s most expensive smartphone to date.


  • FragilityG4

    I wouldn’t look at this model as a celebration of the ten year anniversary. Rather a new edition to the lineup. Having said that I can’t imagine it being called iPhone X or iPhone 8.

    iPhone Edition is possible but I would not think it will be that based on the Apple Watch Edition stigma that comes with the name.

    iPhone Pro would be the most likely name they would use but to me it seems as if it’s lacking something.