iPhone 8 Plus Users Seek Fix for Unresponsive Home Screens


While Apple quickly issued a fix for unresponsive screens for iPhone X users in cold weather, it appears there is no fix in sight for some iPhone 8 Plus owners, dealing with a similar issue.

iPhone in Canada reader Raymond points us to his 256GB iPhone 8 Plus which has been dealing with an unresponsive Home screen issue. He says Apple Support and retail store staff “are not offering any help at all”, with his iPhone 8 Plus which he has owned since the September launch.

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An Apple Communities thread on the issue spans six pages long, full of other iPhone 8 Plus users dealing with this unresponsive Home screen issue. Users note the Home screen will become unresponsive to taps, swipes and 3D Touch actions, however Control Center and Notification Center remains functional.

Some have tried fixes such as restoring or resetting their device, only to see the issue re-occur shortly afterwards.

Are you dealing with an unresponsive iPhone 8 Plus Home screen? What fixes have you tried?


  • duke_seb

    I run into the problem when I’m trying to save a picture from safari.

    I used to just touch the picture for a few seconds on my 6+ and then the dialog would come up asking me what to do with it

    Then I got the 8plus and I need to force touch it and sometimes that doesn’t work … generally it opens up a new webpage with just the picture

    I honestly though it was some feature based thing with force touch that I didn’t have to deal with on the older phones because they didn’t have it

    Maybe it’s a software issue?

  • Olivier

    I don’t have this problem with mine

  • My 1/2 cents

    I had this problem, but it’s not limited to iPhone 8. It’s better now, but it started happening with iOS 11.

    Apple seems to taking a page from Samsung and frustrating users instead of acknowledging the issue.