iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus Orders ‘Preparing to Ship’ in Canada


For those who made iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus pre-orders in Canada on Friday, many orders have moved into the next ‘Preparing to Ship’ phase, getting ready for the launch on September 22:

Iphone 8 preparing ship

This is how Apple explains this phase of the order process:

Preparing to Ship: Your order is being prepared for shipment.
We’re completing some final details before we ship your order. As soon as it ships, we’ll email you the delivery information. At this point, you can no longer make changes to the order.

Some pre-orders in Canada are being handled by FedEx with labels already being created for Sept. 22 delivery. One of the easiest ways to track your package is to use Deliveries for iOS or Mac, punch in your order number, select ‘Apple’ and watch as you get detailed alerts, which can come quicker than Apple’s notifications.

As of writing, numerous iPhone 8 configurations are still available for launch day, but only the iPhone 8 Plus 64GB in Silver is showing as available on Friday.

The models which have sold out their initial launch day supply, are the following:

  • iPhone 8 in 64GB/256GB in Gold: 1-2 weeks
  • iPhone 8 Plus in 256GB in Silver: 1-2 weeks
  • iPhone 8 Plus in 64GB/256GB in Gold: 1-2 weeks
  • iPhone 8 Plus in 64GB/256GB in Space Grey: 1-2 weeks

If you can’t wait at home for delivery, this year Apple Canada has brought back their Reserve and Pickup system.

Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K pre-orders are also set to deliver by Friday, September 22 as well.

What’s the status of your iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3 or Apple TV 4K pre-order?


  • Francis Paquette

    Apple TV 4k: Preparing to Ship

  • faythebest

    Apple is great with everything. Hope the iPhone X pre-order goes smoothly as well. Pre-ordered Apple Watch series 3 to be picked up at an Apple store this Friday. Can’t wait for that.

  • bbousquet

    Same here. Noticed that this (Sunday) morning.

  • OliChabot

    is it normal that the option to reserve and pick-up on laucnh day is now unavailable ?

  • J. Paul Jacula

    It’s certainly normal for Apple Stores to sell out of their iPhone stock prior to launch day; so …

  • Could be a supply issue at stores by now.

  • bbousquet

    To get more details regarding my shipment, I did the following: I entered my phone # on the UPS site (‘track by reference’) and found out my ATV4K is in Chep Lap Kok, Hong Kong. The Apple website still shows as “Preparing to Ship” but will probably not update to something useful until later on.