‘iPhone 8’ Pricing ‘Very Likely’ to Cost Over $1000 USD: Report


Apple’s next iPhone will mark ten years of the device, and the design and features are expected to be some of the biggest changes yet. But the next phone and its cool features will cost you, claims sources speaking to Fast Company.

iPhone 8 Concept by Imran Taylor

What will the ‘iPhone 8’ or ‘iPhone X’ cost? An unnamed source “with knowledge of Apple’s plans” told the publication the price will be “very likely north of $1,000 [USD]”.

Why so much for the next iPhone? It’s said the new edge-to-edge OLED display will cost Apple twice the price of its traditional LCD components used in current iPhones. Meanwhile, an additional memory bump will increase the cost too.

The new iPhone will have a forged stainless steel sides, with a glass back instead of metal, claims a source, while the Home button may disappear, but rather become embedded into the display.

Side buttons may possibly disappear in favour of touch-sensitive inlays, while the battery will also increase in size. Intel again will have its modems inside the next iPhone, with Qualcomm chips as well. Sources also cite the recent rumour of an accelerated production schedule is false, as suppliers have not hinted at any changes.

The 5.8-inch ‘iPhone 8’ will debut alongside a 4.7-inch ‘iPhone 7s’ and 5.5-inch ‘iPhone 7s Plus’, claims their source. The 5.8-inch ‘iPhone 8’ and ‘7s Plus’ are expected to both have dual-lens cameras.

Fast Company also reports “several” sources claims Apple has been hoarding up the limited OLED display manufacturing capacity (which consists of Samsung and a couple other Asian manufacturers), which is said to hurt smaller smartphone makers, with only Samsung meeting Apple’s strict quality requirements.

With the Canadian dollar sitting lower than the USD, expect local pricing to increase, yet again. Currently, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus pricing is as follows in Canada:

iPhone 7

  • 32GB; 128GB; 256 GB: $899; $1029; $1159

iPhone 7 Plus

  • 32GB; 128GB; 256 GB: $1049; $1179; $1309

If the starting price is $1,000 USD for the ‘iPhone 8’ at 32GB, that could mean at least a $1365 CAD starting price for the same model, based on Apple’s exchange rate of 36.5% for the current base iPhone 7 Plus (starts at $769 USD).

Looking forward to the tenth anniversary iPhone and all the miracle cures it may offer you? Better get your bags of cash ready and waiting, folks!


  • The OnePlus 3T is $tarting to sound better all the time.

  • hlna55

    Brutal. 6s plus might be the last Apple phone. It’s just plain not worth it anymore. How can you debate that a phone should cost more
    Than a whole laptop even provided by the same
    Company. I don’t care what screen it has. Starting to get kinda tired of the gouging.

  • Olley

    wtf is oneplus? oh right, that’s the chinky phone that sends all your info to Chinese government.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I’m beginning to think my next phone will be one of those clones that looks exactly like an iPhone, but it’s really an Android with iPhone skinned software. They cost only one or two hundred dollars but do about 90% the same stuff. Like a fake Rolex.

  • Eric

    No need to use racial slurs.

  • OliChabot

    It will be interesting to see how it turns out. I think Apple is pushing too hard on their prices. New Macbooks are not selling so well because of their price tag, same thing for the iPhone 7 which I believe is too expensive for the upgrades you get. I don’t think it will sell well at all if the next iPhone starts at 799$ with the subsidy… .add it a 80$/month plan and youre up for a mortgage.

  • Tim

    and people will still flock to it as if it’s the greatest phone ever.

  • Dominic

    Hmm… I wonder if Pixel will increase their prices with the next iteration.

  • MrXax

    Pfft. I’m just finally getting around to replacing my 4+ year-old iPhone 5… with an iPhone SE. I can’t afford these prices.

  • Chrome262

    I guess i am signing up for another contract LOL

  • winnertakesteve

    I’m ok with expensive if the value is there. But Apple of late has does not represent a significant value proposition to me anymore.

    I’m sure the competition will have just as many bugs and glitches, but I’m certainly not going to bother with paying top dollar for all the compromises these devices seem to be saddled with these days.

  • Agreed

  • The fake skin will help you get used to things slowly, but at the end of the day, Android provides so much customization that you’ll soon start making your phone act and look “your way” instead of Apple’s way…albeit with more bugs and crashes lol

  • winnertakesteve

    I simply prefer the smaller size. In my 3rd year with the 6 and still finding it too yuuge for my tiny trump sized hands. But there seems to be little to no options for that size anymore. Sad!

  • So Young

    I think from now on if ridiculous price become the standard if I need a new phone I will just pick the generation before the current flagship device.

    I spend over 1000$ for my current 128GB 6s+ so no way I’m ready to change it anyway. At the end it’s just a phone and the 6s is still very, very good for me.

  • jay

    Not sure what the problem is? Just think about paying 1400$ plus tax for a phone? I own an iPhone 7 Plus and will keep it for three years. However maybe some people should buy a iPhone SE and an iPad mini I believe that’s the best way to go. If I wouldn’t have my phone i would go that way and not gonna spend so much money for a stupid phone.

  • jay

    But with the pixel you getting a better value. Ok is not waterproof but some people do not need it. I believe if google really want to they can outsell the iPhone easily

  • MrXax



  • Karen Ramel

    I love my iphone 6s+. Unlike my previous apple devices 3gs, 4, 5s, this is the first device I have no want to upgrade from. I dont see the 7/7s as worthwhile nor the proposed 8, however with the way battery life improves moving forward versus going backward its a natural progression to upgrade eventually – I will just hoard my current amazing device possibly for the next couple years (after all in retrospect the past cell ownership of only 2-3 years now seems wasteful).

  • Grant Hendricks

    I totally agree, my 6s+ battery life is amazing compared to the previous 5.
    I am still, learning to effectively use all camera options. I just bought a HP computer with Windozie. Taking this Windows bugy laptop back and get my Mac Pro repaired $800, later but love linking my iphone 6S+ with my Mac Book to download those amazing photos. I really do not get Android phones or Windows laptops..