iPhone 8 Renders Depict Seamless Status Bar Around Top Bezel Sensors


New iPhone 8 renders published by Forbes show how Apple could use software to integrate the space beside the top bezel sensors to seamlessly integrate the status bar.

The report sits supply chain sources through case maker Nodus, specifically stating the bezel around the 5.8-inch display will measure 4mm around each side.

“What also remains uncertain is how Apple will redesign iOS 11 to accommodate the ‘cutout’ at the top of the display which exists to accommodate the front facing camera and sensors.”

The accompanying renders certainly show how the iPhone 8 could pull off a seamless top bezel, without being an eye-sore. The report does not mention anything about Touch ID, so it still remains to be seen as to whether Apple will integrate Touch ID into the screen, place it on the rear of the device, or eliminate Touch ID entirely.


  • FragilityG4

    And again someone is rendering the next iPhone with the old carrier signal icon….

  • Kirk

    Well this concept looks a lot better. The previous ones makes it look like there’s a screen protector on the phone

  • Joe

    This doesn’t work. What will happen when the user is in landscape mode? Also where’s the Bluetooth icon, location services indicator, etc…

    Not bad though. I don’t hate it, but whatever Apple ends up doing will be much safer and less risky.

  • Tim

    This is a good idea. OLED allows for much darker blacks so they may actually be able to have it match the bezel quite convincingly. As far as landscape goes, I believe the more elongated aspect ratio (going from 16:9 to 18:9 reportedly) could mean a matching vertical black space on the opposite side. If the aforementioned happens, it shouldn’t feel like there’s empty space with unused pixels on each side of the frame. The black space could even remain touch enabled for gaming applications, while providing a place to hold the phone without covering the view-able area of the screen.

  • hlna55

    With over 4 years between new phone designs you’d think they would get it right…. eventually.