iPhone 8 to Ship “At a Later Time” After iPhone 7s: TechCrunch


Could we see the more expensive ‘iPhone 8’ ship later than the iPhone 7s? It sure seems that way according to reports published today.

First it was the Wall Street Journal citing production delays this morning, and now TechCrunch is hearing from sources iPhone 8 will also ship later than expected, in their story titled “High-end iPhone to ship after standard models”:

Apple is preparing to announce a new series of iPhone at an event next week. Two models are on tap and TechCrunch has learned from trusted sources the more expensive, fancier version will ship at a later time.

It is said that only Samsung’s OLED technology is being used for the higher-end iPhone 8, as other manufacturers such as LG lag behind when it comes to yield results for Apple’s complex displays, with the former able to charge the iPhone maker a premium price versus traditional LCD screens.

As far back as April we’ve heard about iPhone 8 shortages, with KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claiming OLED production could push back shipping dates to October and November, which was echoed by the Economic Daily News in July.

Conspiracy theorists would say this is Apple leaking hints to the press to build expectations on iPhone 8 supply and ship dates, but let’s wait until next week’s special event to learn just how long we’ll have to wait.


  • Riddlemethis

    The jet black iPhone 7+ also shipped later.

  • T33BS

    Knowing Apple’s way of business, I saw this coming miles (or kilometres) away; I speculate that it may’ve intentionally unintentionally been planned too.

    By releasing/selling their base ‘S’ model to fanboys who can’t wait that long, and the “thrifty” consumer -which is an oxymoron, they give themselves time to prepare for the higher end model similar to the AirPods’ Early 2017 shtick. It stretches out their business quarterly goal and tempers consumers’ expectations all at the same time.

    Sucks for the fanboys who constantly want Apple to release the next best item, but I imagine a month after release the reviewers, bloggers and users will have already moved o to what they forgot to include and what can be improved for their next best item.

  • It was released on the same day…. but was gone so quickly that the delays were so big…. I think it’s going to be same with the new iPhone!

  • xxxJDxxx

    I’m curious if those on the iPhone upgrade program will be able to upgrade to the 8 or limited to the 7S?