iPhone Continues To Rank Way Above Samsung Galaxy Lineup [Velti]


Mobile advertising and marketing firm Velti has released its February summary of global exchange data from its network, suggesting that iOS and iPhone continue to dominate among mobile advertisers, despite the rise of Samsung’s Galaxy lineup (via TechCrunch). The study shows that 8 of 10 devices on Velti’s global ad exchange were iOS-based, including the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.


While Samsung managed to take two of the top 10 spots, its devices were placed quite low on the list with the Galaxy SII and Galaxy SIII at 7 and 10 respectively (shown above).

“The Galaxy SII is the only one to crack the top five in any region, coming in fifth overall in Europe, and while in general older phones ruled (there’s generally bound to more of them active out there), the iPhone managed to already crack the top 3 in Asia. That’s good news for Apple, which is focusing more attention on that region with recent launches”.

iPhone and iPod devices ruled overall with a 38.1% share of Velti ad impressions, with the various iPad models making up 17.2%. By comparison, all Galaxy devices together only managed less than 5% of ad traffic in February.

“Taking tablets on their own, there isn’t even remotely any competition for iOS. Android tablets as a whole account for only 0.7 percent, according to Velti, with the iPad making up 97.5 percent, with its share mostly shifting from standard iPads to iPad minis between January and February of 2013”.

The source notes that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 will be watched for a number of reasons, but it may be most interesting to see if it can help sway the trend among mobile advertisers.

Graph 2


  • Sammy Sung

    Sorry to break this to you, but they are comparing sales of the iPhone 4 which at the time, Apple os was better than Android. Tables have turned completely with Android Jellybean Wait until next year when Apple phones are compared with Samsung phones using Jellybean and Key Lime Pie and Apple’s current model gets compared to Samsung’s current model. Samsung will smoke Apple… The iPhone will be left in it’s dust. Apple’s 15 minutes of fame is over.

  • WatDaPhuck

    Wow…SMH…. I guess you don’t understand what “January 1 – February 28, 2013” means. The Article and these graphs are not even about sales…. Please save yourself from embarrassment and troll somewhere else.

  • Marcel

    All this articles states is that Apple gets more ads than other devices. This completely makes sense because most android users (informed ones rather) choose to use an ad blocker to avoid the annoyance

  • Mike

    Android will never surpass iphone sales and they shouldn’t thrive to. Android is all about choices and freedom and not everyone wants that. technology inept people love their single button and need something simple and the iPhone does a great job of that. I want to be able to change and customize everything. I love change. If you make android for the mindless masses, we’ll end up with ios

  • smallville944

    Um they already have the Galaxy SIII is already the top selling smartphone outselling the current iPhone android already overules IOS buy as much as a 20% market share and Android will overtake The iPad in market share either this year or the next