iPhone Cookie Baker Tests Distracted Driving, Educates Drivers


The Huffington Post Alberta reports, Edmonton radio station Hot 107 posted a split photo that shows a man driving holding what looks like an iPhone. The second half of the photo shows cookies baked into the shape of an iPhone. These photos of an iPhone cookie baker, who admitted to cops that he was trolling, has prompted discussions on Facebook.


The image posted by Hot 107 Edmonton was by stunt comedian Randy Liedtke. The post is now filled with comments which admire the cookies but don’t admire the stunt.

However, the stunt may have educated some on the details of the distracted driving law. As people’s comments pointed out, eating while driving is also covered under the law. Eating a full meal while driving is against the law, just like using a cell phone, but eating a snack or drinking some water is not.

Whether the iPhone cookie counts as a snack or a full meal will most likely be up to a judge and jury to decide.


  • Chris Zhu

    Yup, isn’t eating while driving illegal in Canada as well?

  • Nick

    Yup, eating a full meal is illegal! And it is for a good reason

  • Sebastian

    And what if a full meal for him consists of eating 12 or so cookies.?

  • Nick

    Haha, well I guess that would be up to a judge to decide.

  • Chrome262

    “fill meal” is in the last sentence by the way.

  • Chrome262

    Crap, there goes my surf and turf sunday drives, dam…

  • Lane

    Undo care and attention…. we had a law before but cops just never enforced it. all eating, cell phones all could have followed under undo care and attention…