Check Out This ‘iPhone Fingerprint Scanner’ Concept [VIDEO]


By now we are all no strangers to the concept designs from Ciccarese Design. The latest concept being shown off is the ‘iPhone Fingerprint Scanner’, based on rumours of the next generation smartphone from Apple to include a fingerprint sensor. You can see the curved glass front which also features chamfered edges first seen in the iPhone 5.

Render 01

Render 04

This is iPhone Fingerprint Scanner, the result of the recent rumors.
Such as the latest Apple products, in this iPhone there is a big chamfer on the front face. The screen is curved and the fingerprint sensor take the place of the Home button.
Black & Slate or White & Silver are the colors.

The video show you concept sketch, design details and some general rendering.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think–is this going to become a reality when the iPhone 5S comes?


  • K3

    cool, kind of a Draco case inspired vibe to it.

  • ????Dennis

    Is it just me or wouldn’t it be uncomfortable holding a phone that curves outwards towards your face…..

  • fuqoffdisqust

    No its not just you. Although the outward curves may appeal to some this is has to be the dumbest design for a touch screen phone. That bump will have all the scratches and all the cracks forming right in the center. And great job demoing the fingerprint scanner. That will 100% not be part of the 5S. Stop posting these sh!+ concept videos.. absolutly none of the concepts posted on this site or the BS rumors will ever see the light of day. But hey gotta post crap to get page clicks right?

  • ????Dennis

    Love the fuqoffdisqust name. Fuqen thing is so slow and annoying to respond with…. Almost as annoying as looking at that concept and what it would do to my cheek. But hey at least it can cradle my ass cheek in my back pocket!! Hahaha

  • FerrariF1

    A convex design makes noooooo sense for a smart phone screen. Holding this phone to your face will be very awkward.

  • johnnygoodface

    with a curved design like that, “Hello carrying cases!”

  • Don

    Bet you feel stupid, you were so sure of yourself that the iPhone 5S wouldn’t contain a fingerprint reader. Looks like you’re a moron that doesn’t know jack$hit, don’t quit your day job low life.