iPhone Firmware 4.0 Coming March 14 2010?


According to Redmond Pie, iPhone OS 4.0 may be demoed on March 14, 2010. This would mark a major update to the iPhone/iPod Touch platform.

There is no real evidence that the date is true, especially considering that March 14 is a Sunday. However anything could happen!

iPhone 4.0 is highly anticipated to bring the ability to run multiple third party apps at the same time. Some of the rumored features that may be seen in 4.0 are the following:

  • Multi-touch gestures OS-wide.
  • “A few new ways” to run applications in the background — multitasking.
  • Many graphical and UI changes to make navigating through the OS easier and more efficient. We haven’t had this broken down, but we can only hope for improved notifications, a refreshed homescreen, etc.
  • The update will supposedly be available for only the iPhone 3G and 3GS, but will “put them ahead in the smartphone market because it will make them more like full-fledged computers” more than any other phone to date. Everyone is “really excited.”
  • The last piece of information is the most vague, but apparently there will be some brand new syncing ability for the contacts and calendar applications.
  • [MobileSyrup via Redmond Pie]


    • I'm curious what new features they are going to roll out. One thing I want is the ability to use voice control to start an audio memo.

      * hold middle button on headphones *
      * “new memo” *
      * beep *
      * “yada yada yada” *
      * press middle button *
      * “memo saved” *

    • Synthetik

      So the update will basically add some of the features that are already through Cydia!

    • Flaxx

      this has always been the case… that's why 10% of iPhone users do it.

    • DjDATZ

      LOL Seriously! Backgrounder app FTW.

    • DjDATZ

      Jailbreakers FTW. So much more use out of an iPhone when you don't have to deal with Apple's bullshit.

    • Joe

      Not for iPhone 2G?!

    • Zac Massey

      The reason it isn't for iPhone 2G is Apple wants you to get iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G S. I have iPhone 3G and can't wait till I have enough saved up to get iPhone 3G S. Mt grandma has iPhone 3G S and it is SUPER FAST !!!!!! And it is AWESOME !!!! Juss wait till iPhone 4G comes out …. (:

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    • sam

      why is this even up still?

    • Because the post was published on February 19th. Why are you so curious?

    • LOL

    • Because the post was published on February 19th. Why are you so curious?

    • Ex